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Nautical Interior Design: How to Style Your Seaside Home With Flair

Nautical interior design was one of the biggest interior style trends, and truth be told, it never gets old....

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Interior Decor Guide: How to Make a Room Look Feminine

Let's go on record right off the bat and start by saying that any style (regardless if it's masculine...

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Scenic Wall Art

Scenic Wall Art: 5 Wall Art Collections That Scream Scene Aesthetics!

There’s so much inspiration to be derived from the world all around us. The littlest droplet of water and...

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Cat Wall Art

5 Cat Wall Art Collections for All the Cat Ladies

Cats make everything better! It's the code that we cat ladies live for. Up the cat lady decor by...

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Wall Art for the Home Gym: 6 Collections from PWA to Look Into

Home gyms are slightly notorious for being drab corner spaces. Few think of brightening up a home gym with...

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How to Decorate Your Office

How to Decorate Your Office: 5 Wall Art Collections to Look At

Knowing how to decorate your office is crucial. That is, if you want an office that won't give you...

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Valentine’s Wall Art: 6 Unique Designs to Give on Love Day

With Valentine’s Day just a full six days away, now is the perfect time to check out online stores...

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5 American Football Wall Art Designs to Quell Your Superbowl Fever

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, then you totally know about the Superbowl...

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Jasen T. Verified Buyer

Jasen T. Verified BuyerStar Wars Tie Fighters at Sunset | Panel Wall Art-

All in all the art was well packaged and although outside boxes were pretty poorly assembled they seemed to do the job. I ended up with a couple of dings on the corners but they are mostly unnoticeable and I will touch them up. Picture quality was what I expected and it looks great on the wall. Take your time with measurements as this type of art is not an easy hang.

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