Wall Decoration Ideas: The Power of Art for Your Apartment

9 Canvas Wall Art that Would Change the Mood of Your Apartment

Seascape Canvas

Not every room has a view to the beautiful and calming seaview but we can change this easily by hanging an ocean wall art canvas on the wall. Imagine you come home from work feeling all exhausted. You sit down on the couch and a beautiful wall art of your favourite ocean colour just come right in front of you. And from there you forget about all stress you’ve been through during the day.

5 panel seascape canvas wall art by

Sunset Wall Art Canvas

Sunset is a combination of warm colour that includes yellow and orange. This colour is going to brighten any dark room with limited sunlight. It’s just what it needs to cheer up one’s mood.


5 panel sunset at beach canvas wall art by panelwallart.comSports Canvas

What’s better to invite your best buddies home, share a beer, watch your favourite sports game that you have longed for the whole week together. Why don’t you bring up the atmosphere by adding a sports canvas wall art to your tv room to show your support to your team? At you can find almost every baseball, hockey, American football and sports team canvas art. If your man isn’t the guy who is good at shopping, you can get it for him as a surprise too!

5 panel Boston Red Sox by

5 pieces football stadium canvas wall art by

Nature Canvas Wall Art

Perfect gifts for moms and grandmas. Show your love with these beautiful flowers. Hang this in the living room right above their real flower vases. Isn’t that a great match?

5 pieces flower canvas wall art by

Graffiti Art Prints

A wall art represents your style. A graffiti art gives people a feeling of strong willed and personal determination. These graffiti wall art canvas would be a great option to decorate your teenagers’ bedroom. Making them feel accepted at home.

4 panel graffiti wall art canvas

5 panel graffiti wall art canvas by

Children’s World Map

Decorating your children’s room with world map has a lot of advantages which we have discussed in our previous blog post. Having these cute animals prints for the nursery would add signature simulation to a child’s recognition senses.

5 panel children animals canvas prints on wood texture by

1 panel space wall art canvas for nursery decoration by


Andy HansonThis post is prepared by Andy Hanson – social media blogger at Andy is dedicated to interiors transformation through wall art designs. 

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