5 Awesome Black & White Geometric Pattern Wall Art Ideas

For most people, the idea of wall art is pushed to the side lines. It’s the last thing in people’s minds when the discussion turns to interior design. Long after the final coat of paint has dried and the furniture is placed, only then people will consider the idea of decorating the walls with tasteful art. (If they even do at all.)

But you’re missing out on a great opportunity for design here. Especially for walls painted in neutrals.

White, black, and gray are classy design choices for your home’s interior. But a plainly painted wall of neutral is hardly a pleasant thing to look at — unless you’re all for minimalism of course. But even minimalist design considers a focal point.

If you’re wondering what would complement your neutrally painted home nicely, then wonder no further. Here are five awesome pattern wall art ideas for your plain walls.

Exclusive Geometric Pattern Wall Art

Shapes and geometry in interior design is not unheard of, and so are patterns. Patterns give rhythm to an otherwise monotone space. All things considered, who can resist the consistent appearance of cleanly lined shapes — triangles and parallelograms.

And yes, even multi sided shapes are welcome. For this reason, Panel Wall Art has incorporated hexagons as part of our exclusive design; along with cubes and nontraditional lines.

Geometric pattern wall art makes a perfect fit for an otherwise monotonic interior design.

#1 Hexigrow

Various lines intersect and cross over each other to form consistently patterned hexagons across all five panels.

#2 Heximaze

If you’re a fan of optical illusion-esque wall designs, then these hexagons interlocking together might be perfect for you. Get lost in the visual maze.

#3 Cubic

Do you find cubes aesthetically pleasing? Look no further. Get the cubic geometric pattern wall art as an exclusive design.

#4 Zigzagger

Some eyes find comfort in the sight of zigzagging lines interlocking together. This is for those looking to add a classy design to their otherwise plainly decorated rooms. And you can never really go wrong with classic lines.


#5 Onion

Just because geometric shapes have corners, doesn’t mean curves are out. They have rhythm too when they’re tastefully made. The onion shapes present in the design give way to abstract imagery — a taste of classic art if you’re looking for one.

And on that note,

There’s nothing like entering a modern stylish room that showcases art gallery-esque pattern wall art. The geometric designs provide a focal point any neutrally painted space would be glad to have.

It’s pattern wall art you can’t miss. Keep browsing through Panel Wall Art for more interior decor ideas.

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