5 New Insights About Choosing World Map Canvas

Why World Map Canvas Wall Art is So Popular Nowadays

How many types of different World Map Wall Prints?

World map canvas wall art has always been one of the most popular wall art for home, office, clinic, hotel and more. World map is an excellent wall art for display, educational, and informational purposes. Nowadays it is very easy to find a unique design of world map. Also, we can choose from a wide range of materials that are used to frame the artwork. Some world maps are printed on posters, some on canvas, some are framed with an inner wooden frame, some with an outer frame or even foam boards and cork boards etc.


Panel Wall Art Makes Push Pin World Map Canvas to Last

Panel Wall Art is a giclée printing studio founded and runs by designers. The maximum number of canvas set we can produce is up to almost 500 sets per day. With such a strong production team and resources, our designers can focus on bringing the world with the new artwork. Also, the canvas we used is perfect for push pin purposes. The canvas will not be damaged by push pins.


Engage in World Map Canvas Designs

We continuously engage in designing new and unique world map artworks by mixing different colors and backgrounds and with maps with very different printed details. Here are a few examples of our popular and exclusive artwork:


Case Study: Custom World Map Canvas Panels

Not only we are proud to be unique. Designers at Panel Wall Art are always able to satisfy our customers’ special needs. We had a customer requested extra stability on the basic standard inner wood frame of a 6-panel world map canvas wall art. The world map was meant to display where their supported missionaries are located in the world. The finished panels were to be displayed at the church where little children will be reachable to the little children. Our team actively work with our customer in adding extra cork and wood layers for the panels.

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