5 Things You Should Check When You Shop Canvas Wall Art On Websites

Checklist for buying canvas wall art online


5 Things You Should Check When You Shop Canvas Wall Art On Websites


Our last post talks about the 3 typical situations that would happen to interested buyers when shopping canvas art online. We have already mentioned the benefits of shopping canvas wall art on internet websites other than major marketplaces. Let’s look at the steps online shoppers should do before clicking the buy button.

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Look at their Products Descriptions and Return Policies

When you found a piece of art that you are considering to buy, pause your natural shopping impulse. I know that you like that wall art. You have revisited the site a few times and you just want it. Why don’t you browse around the site and take a good look at the product descriptions, sizes, reviews, and you will have a pretty good idea of how experienced they are. Most importantly, make sure you always check the return policy. Any experienced art shop owner would understand the importance of a good return policy to his customers. And this is also a way to learn that the shop is not just about making money as a business entity but also an ethical art seller which values and respects its customers.

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Read About Us” and Know the Story Behind

Everyone has his own story and so does a business. Any type of business always begins with a passion or a vision. Learn about their stories would help you understand more of what you are buying. It would simply make you like the wall art more!

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Check if the Site has an Updated Blog Post

Check for blog posts on a site when you shop for wall artMost online buyers miss checking this important source. A serious online business cares about its blog. Why? A blog post can help a website to grow effectively and to maintain its search-ability on the search engine. It is simply another way of hanging the sign “We’re Open!” on the front door. Moreover, it is a channel to connect interested buyers about the latest offers and news. If the canvas art shop you are interested has stopped posting since a few months ago. It is very likely that the shop is not actively running or it is selling the items locally or on other platform. The website is just on the www for the sake of existing only.

Try Contacting the Shop Onsite or on Social Media

Why not? Send a message or email them to see if anyone gets back to your inquiry. Let them know that you are around, ask for the latest offers. It definitely worths doing before you actually click the add-to-cart button.

Check Out the Shop at the site “Rip Off Report”

Visit some reviews or complaints sites and check if the online art shop that you are interested in buying art from had any bad reviews. You may not find some good reviews but at least check for the negative ones. Those reviews are authentic and very reliable.

This article is prepared by Andy Hanson. Experienced online canvas art seller at Panel Wall Art. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact him by email.

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