How to Achieve Flawless French Interior Design for Your House

The French are quite popular for being so effortlessly elegant. That’s what French interior design is all about.

They have an innate ability to create intoxicating mixes of flamboyance and finesse. From dressing themselves up to preparing food. And this sense of style and elegance stretches out to how they decorate their homes as well. 

French interior design is famous for deftly combining the new with the old. They make sure to stay true to established interior decor principles, and still have the foresight to inject a lovely dose of the homeowners’ personality into the interior space.

And today, we’re going to talk about how to incorporate the very best of French interior design from wall colors to wall decor, up to the critical rules that we should follow if we’re going to pull of French interior design like pros.

How to Dress Up the House in French Interior Design

French interior decor is very eclectic. So with one glance, it can appear as if French interior design has no rules. But that isn’t quite the case. As free-flowing as French interior looks, there are a couple of rules that we need to follow, first and foremost:

  • Keep it simple with natural fabric (e.g. cotton, cheesecloth, linen etc.)
  • Don’t shy away from a bare wall.
  • Use tassels, fringes, frills, ruffles, and floral fabrics. But not too much.
  • Choose a centerpiece furniture. Let it stand out by mixing and matching it with contrasting styles.
  • Be bold and unconventional.
  • Include the ceiling in your decorating plans to make it more interesting.
  • Decorate the bedroom lavishly.
  • Add something gilded and shiny to your decor.
  • Introduce one spectacular element; maybe something colorful

French interior design has really come a long way since the days of shameless ornate decor of the regal era. But after the French revolution came to an end, people since then have turned their backs on the over-the-top aesthetic. Simpler looks with a subtle nod to that former opulent decor is the way to go.

#1 Adding an accent or feature wall

Make it truly French by including an accent wall decked out in true French patterns. It’s cool to start off the guide with this. And here is where you can immediately incorporate French design that’s extravagant and opulent in its design. Just a suggestion, nothing represents French culture all the better than the iconic fleur-de-lys pattern.

You can also touch on France’s previous regality by choosing wallpapers with Rococo or Baroque designs. But if you want pastoral scenes against lighter backgrounds, consider trying Toile de Jouy. And when in doubt, damask patterns are your safe bet because they fit traditional and contemporary interior design.

#2 Decorating the room

Balancing classic with contemporary is critical to achieve that French interior design you’ve always wanted. Search for at least one or two pieces of antiques or vintage furniture. Aside from furniture choices, there’s also the matter of picking the right fabric (e.g., cotton, velvet, brocade, lace, silk, etc.).

There’s plenty of canvas you can choose from in Panel Wall Art that would complement the French style that you’re going for. Just so happens that we’ve got the best wall art collections that complement the interior style you’d want.

Check out the feminist wall art collection with stunning art styles that feature artistic work unlike anything you usually see.

And of course, how could we try this interior style without an architecture wall art collection that shows all the wondrous sights and buildings of France?

But as always, let your personality and your taste take the wheel.

#3 Picking your colors

French interior design has lots of room for flexibility when it comes to color. It’s always all about letting your personality shine. Let it dictate the color palette that you choose.

In general, if you want a calm feel, go for lighter neutrals. White, taupe, off-white, cream, mushroom, light gray, duck egg blue, or beige would look really well. To boost the mood, you can go for bold colors. Shades of red do well, and so does emerald green.

When it comes to color, there’s nothing off limits when it comes to French interior design.

#4 Creating atmosphere with lighting

Image Credit: Bocadolobo

Lighting dictates the atmosphere. You can create dramatic ambience and place a chandelier as the main focal point. Or maybe you’d rather have wall sconces to cast a dim charm across the room. Again, depending on your personal tastes, there’s an entire host of lighting designs to choose from.

#5 Join the old and the new

If your home has had a long history, then it’s a good idea to showcase family heirlooms. Or better yet, retain furniture that’s been around the house, since forever — if it hasn’t broken yet of course. Sometimes, in a room with modern flair, these antiquities can be such showstoppers.

As the expert designers say, playing off the old with the new is a classic trick in this interior style. Consider plenty of vintage pieces and styles too.

Try Out French Interior Design

French interior design is sophisticated, bold, and chic. But at the same time, it’s also quirky and very personal. If you take a trip to France one day, perhaps you’ll even take note of how no two homes are ever really alike. So what’s the key to pulling off this eccentric design? The key is a confident design vision to pull off your own original flair.

It’s well within reach, and can certainly be done even on a meager budget. Let your personality and your own tastes shine with that classic French appeal.

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