5 American Football Wall Art Designs to Quell Your Superbowl Fever

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, then you totally know about the Superbowl that happened yesterday. Kansas City Chiefs wiped the floor with San Francisco 49ers. There’s no better way to quell that raging fire, than with American football wall art designs.

It’s not Superbowl wall art. But they’re great memorabilia of your favorite game. (If you’re a fan of American football that is).

But before we jump into displaying our favorite American football wall art designs, let’s appreciate this brief GIF of Shakira and J-Lo during the Superbowl halftime, shall we?


Panel Wall Art’s American Football Wall Art Designs

The Superbowl is a cult classic — this lovely event where Americans convene to see who shall be crowned champion of the NFL. And we are totally not ashamed to admit that we are huge fans of this thing.

Is it a big surprise that we have a football wall decor collection? No, not really. But if you’re here in search of sports-themed wall art, we got you covered there too.

Here’s a showcase we should have made in a blog post a long time ago.

#1 Kansas City Chiefs Wall Art

The champion gets to go first! Come on! Are you a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs? Or perhaps you’re a proud native of Kansas and are totally happy that your guys smoked the Superbowl in 2020.

All those days and nights of conditioning have paid off at last!

Whatever the case, we’ve got this gorgeous American football wall art just for you!

#2 San Francisco 49ers


Ah yes! Kansas City Chiefs’ opponent this year. The #1 team on this list may have gone home with the gold and the glory. But let’s no belittle the effort that the San Francisco 49ers put forward.

I’m sure these dudes prepped just as hard as the other team did. It just wasn’t their time, wouldn’t you agree? As much as some of us love the 49ers, there’s nothing left to say but, ‘You’ll get them next time!’

#3 A Classic Football Helmet

Want some feels?

This American football wall art design of a football helmet done in black and white brings out some of that sentimentality. Also, it’s great for a room that’s awash with color. What better way to show your friends and family that you admire all football teams and not just one?

#4 We Dem Boyz

Feel like a real American football team player with a graphic like this. It’s gorgeous, it’s bi-colored, and it’s badass. That’s the important part. Also, it would look great in your man-cave coupled with other sports-themed decor.

#5 Football stadium

Place this in a windowless room and frame it with the right drapes, and maybe you can make it look like your room overlooks a massive football stadium. (Granted camera angles won’t cooperate, but it’s close enough). And definitely dreamy enough.

Wall decor just like this brings out the dreamer in a fan. And if you want to fantasize playing on that large green field, then you do you, man.

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