7 Tips for Completing an Asian-themed Interior

An Asian-themed interior brings to mind serenity and absolute tranquility. A lot of us are so engrossed in the daily trappings of an urban lifestyle. We’re already pelted with stress whenever we deal with our daily lives. It’s a big load off of the mind when you come home to a peaceful abode that lets you escape from the never-ending humdrum of daily life.

A home with an Asian-themed interior accomplishes the goal of relaxation in a style that’s not easily imitated. Ushering in harmony and balance, creating an Asian-themed interior is much more than just adding a few distinct decorations.

It takes care, precision, and clear thought processes that will help you do away with any unwanted additions.

How to Achieve an Asian-themed Interior Decor

At its very core, Asian-themed interior design is a fusion of many different styles that range from Far East Asian influence to exotic Indian themes. But for the most part, it’s also dominated by oriental influences. Here are 7 tips that you can incorporate into your own interiors while keeping your fresh contemporary vibe intact.

#1 Splash hints of vibrant color


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A very popular misconception is that Asian styles are devoid of any rich hues. But in reality, it’s the exact opposite. An Asian-themed interior is truly complete only with vivacious accent hues that stand out when they’re placed in calm and neutral settings. 

Think lovely pinks of cherry blossoms, luxurious purples, ravishing reds, and many more. If you want mystical charms, carefully add subtle black hues or soft neutral backdrops with lavish gold tones.

#2 Strike a visual and textural balance


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The word balance’ is something that you’ll come across time and time again when you’re planning for an Asian-style interior. The importance of this aspect in oriental design can’t be overstated enough. Balance is often the key defining aspect of Asian themes. You’re going to need the right harmony of not just colors, but textures and elements around you as well.

#3 Do sculptural lighting and paper lanterns


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Lighting makes or breaks the final interior looks, regardless of the them you’ve picked. But in the case of Asian style, lighting adds to the overall visuals and accentuates themes elegantly. Go for stylish hanging paper lanterns, sculptural lighting installations, and a couple of cleverly placed candles.

#4 Go for sustainable and organic design


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One aspect of Asian design that’s incredibly irresistible and appeals to every homeowner looking to be eco-friendly is this. Try going for sustainable bamboo blinds, smooth polished stones like river rocks, beautifully woven tatami mats, potted shrubs and plants that do great for bringing in nature’s goodness. Little details tend to make the big difference to the ambiance of the room.

Keep all of those accessories and furnishings as sustainable and organic as possible to induce that Asian vibe and bring nature indoors.

#5 Invite nature fragrance


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For fashioning an Asian-themed interior, go beyond the visual decor itself. Consider filling the room with pleasant scents. Think Sandalwood incense, scented candles, and maybe even some wind chimes to elevate the Oriental feel. 

Sound and aroma play critical parts in shaping people’s perception of various settings, and makes the room a far more pleasant space to be in.

#6 Going for minimalism


Image Credit: Interior Design Ideas

Minimalism is defined by clean and straight lines. Minimalist decorations and very sleek symmetry are natural parts of Asian design influenced heavily by Japanese styles. 

All these elements let you effortlessly incorporate the theme into a contemporary setting with few simple furniture and color changes.

#7 Finding the perfect wall art

Asian designs and themes are largely inspired by the colors of nature. Often, wall decorations mimic scenic landscapes and reinterpret natural colors to suit interiors. Panel Wall Art has a great selection of nature-themed wall art that can spruce up the place.

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Inimitable Asian Decor

Whether they’re understated or dramatic, classy or calming, Asian-themed interior design offers a great way to spruce up your home with something impeccable and exclusive.

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