Autumn Wall Decoration: How to Create the Picture-perfect Wall this Fall

Can you feel the chill in the air? That’s right, Fall is here. And it’s time to have some Autumn wall decoration. The changes in wardrobe is going to call for changes in your interior design. If you want up to date ideas on how to decorate your rooms for Autumn, don’t worry.

We’ve got your back…

Let’s talk about how to create your picture-perfect wall this Fall.

Autumn Wall Decoration: We’ve Got You Covered

We don’t need to tell you what Autumn entails, right? It means parties, house guests, and a plethora of family gatherings. And to top that off, we all get to hang out around the fireplace, sipping on hot cocoa with whipped cream or marshmallows. It’s time to bring in the look and feel of the outdoors with these Autumn wall decoration ideas.

#1 Frame the leaves

Image Credit: Decoist

Now’s your chance to go all out full-botanical on your gallery wall. A fresh idea for gallery walls is to frame a bunch of fall leaves. Fake or authentic, it’s your choice. If you’re going for the former, getting Autumn-colored paper is a good choice.

But if you already have a gallery wall in the room, you can add temporary touches of fall by hot-gluing acorn tops to the surface.

#2 DIY blossoming brown paper flowers

Image Credit: HGTV

As a prelude to the lovely and classical Poinsettia in December, you can DIY brown paper blossoms. These would look adorable in various sizes, tacked against the wall and coupled with Autumn-themed knick-knacks and trinkets perched on the wall shelves.

You can create these large wall blossoms by cutting petals out of brown paper bags. To attach them to the walls, you can use adhesive tape or museum putty. It’s fun, and temporary. But most of all, it’s very festive.

#3 Invest in metallic mirrors

Image Credit: HGTV

If you want Fall to stick around forever, mirrors with metallic frames are a great investment. The brass fittings and striking colors look stunning against a backdrop of Autumn colors on the wall.

You can get one large mirror, or get a bunch of mini-sized ones. If you get the latter, try arranging them into a grid pattern above notable furniture in the room.

#4 Hang rustic wooden wall art

Dark Grunge White World Map
Dark Grunge White World Map

Nothing says Autumn wall decoration like rustic and weathered wooden wall art. You can purchase these at affordable prices in your local thrift store or at a flea market.

albyden art - Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line

And if you want one with an extra flair, you can get the specially-designed ones at our shop. Wall art is perfect for occupying large blank walls.

#5 Put up rows of wreaths

Image Credit: HGTV

Sometimes rows of mirrors can feel kind of empty. Even the space above your door deserves a little decoration. And the perfect solution to spaces like that are rows of wreaths.

Wreaths made of dried and twined branches, accented with Autumn-colored leaves, and tied together neatly with a Fall-themed ribbon. It’s great for adding extra warmth in the atmosphere too.

#6 Attaching distressed wall elements

Image Credit: Worthing Court

By distressed wall elements, we mean considering weathered wall shelves. They make great backdrops and ledges for hanging wreaths or faux fall leaves. Plus, you can put small pumpkins on them or perch your favorite Autumn wall decoration knick-knacks.

#7 Decorating with empty picture frames

Image Credit: Pinterest

This Autumn wall decoration idea would look fantastic if you have a fireplace. Above the mantel, you can display pumpkins and other favorite Fall-themed goodies.

But the center of attention, are a bunch of open picture frames arranged asymmetrically. Throw in a bit of eclectic taste there — like faux animal heads or dried tree branches. Even a clock would do.

Get Creative with Autumn Decoration

We hope you can get a flair of inspiration from our seven ideas. Keeping your home’s interior decor up-to-date with the current season is certainly not a bad thing. In fact, it’s really good for those of us who want to get our creative juices flowing.

And now that it’s Autumn. We can say goodbye to the stay-cation vibes and beachy decor that Summer brought. Time to welcome the wall colors, the lively textures, and the heap of auburn leaves.

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