Bedroom Art Inspiration: 6 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas for a More Cozy Room

You’ve got the bedding set up, and the headboard looks nice and sturdy. The furniture’s set up, and almost everything is done up to the tiniest point of perfection. If you’re wondering what’s missing, then it’s time to look at some bedroom wall art ideas.

Have you ever looked at the space above your headboard and wondered what else you could possibly put there?

Creative Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

The empty space over your bed is sometimes narrow. Or long. Depending on the size, the colors, and the general feel of it all, you’re going to need specific wall decor for different needs.

Ready to take your decorating to a whole other level once again? Check out our bedroom wall art ideas and find the one that suits your bedroom the best.

#1 Hang patterned rugs

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Hanging a textured rug sideways over the headboard can be one of the best solutions for filling the empty space. And it’s even more so if you’re going for boho interiors.

#2 Wall murals

Image Credit: DHgate

It’s time to give the empty space above your bed a sophisticated finish. Murals can be painted over wood, or over the clean and blank white wall. Just be sure your mural colors match the rest of your interior style and your personal choice.

#3 Creating gallery walls out of family photos

Image Credit: Princess Pinky Girl

The best way to create a gallery wall above your bedroom space is to gather a bunch of your favorite family photos or favorite objects. And aside from hooks, you can make use of double-sided tape to make sure artworks don’t fall off the wall when you’re sleeping.

#4 5 panel wall arts

Arranging wall art in symmetrical orders is great, and you can create a bedroom gallery wall out of it. But the point of having five-panel wall arts is to create a focal point that visitors other than you can notice once they walk into your room.

#5 Mirrors with bold frames

Image Credit: DigsDigs

And if you can’t find the perfect wall art or hanging to suit your needs, the safest option is always a mirror with bold frames. This is more useful if your room is a bit on the small side. Mirrors are great for creating space illusions and reflecting light.

#6 Stylish wall storage

Image Credit: thisgiftfor

Lastly, you can have more space to store your favorite knick-knacks; both functional and decorative. Having wall shelves built into the empty wall space above your bed is a good idea to make efficient use of space while also being functional.

Put Them All Together!

If you think your bedroom is missing some character, it’s good to add some wall decor that matches the wall color and the general style. The best part of them all is that you can easily do all of them.

Find these bedroom wall art ideas interesting? Go right ahead and give them a try. Mixing and matching is one of the best ways to find the perfect style suitable for your bedroom. Time to take your bedroom decorating to a whole other level!

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