Best Canvas Size

If you’re putting together an intricate gallery wall, looking for the perfect frame for the new photograph, or selecting a canvas for the next DIY project, the scale will make or break your project. Buying too small or too big, too wide or too tall—there’s a lot to think for sure. Take some moment before you begin shopping to find the right match for your house. We’ve listed nine standard canvas sizes for a home decor project below. If you want more choices, scroll down to learn how to make a personalized canvas for some form of home decor or art project.

Canvas Prints 10″ x 8″

10 “x8” canvases are standard as gallery wall fillers or small desk or bookcase decorations. Because of its size, it is suitable for a wide range of artwork – you can install your favorite family portrait or print out a picture and trim to match. Since the 10 “x8” canvas print is about the size of a standard sheet of paper, it fits well in both landscape and portrait orientation. Print stunning travel portraits, family photos, and more. Because of their medium scale, these canvas prints are ideal for giving as gifts.

Ideal for: chairs, bookcases, and narrow hallways.

Canvas Prints 10″ x 14″

If you have a print or segment of artwork that looks better matted, go for 10 “x14″ canvases to take it to the next level. This canvas is also wide enough to hold a photo collage; you can comfortably fit four 5″ x7” images into it. This canvas size is slightly bigger than a sheet of paper, so it’s ideal for portraits with many details. Canvas prints of this format would look fantastic in small bedrooms and other rooms in the house, including the kitchen.

Ideal for: small photo collages, guest bedrooms, and kitchens are excellent places to put them.

Canvas Prints 12″ x 12″

If you want to view a big picture but have small wall space, the 12 “x12” canvas is a good choice. This canvas scale works well as a single big picture or with a photo collage – be imaginative with your photo sizes! The square format is ideal for one-of-a-kind portraits, especially if you want to transform any of your social site images into custom canvas wall art. 12 “x12” canvas prints are a medium format that allows you to see more depth in your images. Because of their square shape, they are ideal as a centerpiece for a gallery wall, allowing for more cohesion in the presentation.

Ideal for: apartment living rooms, bathrooms, and gallery walls.

Canvas Prints 24″ x 10″

Despite its unusual form, the 24 “x10” opens up more options than it restricts. Place this canvas in unusual positions throughout your house, such as on a mantle or over a kitchen stovetop. This canvas will look great with a panoramic cityscape or a giant family portrait. This canvas print is the dimensions you want for any wide-set images to ensure the picture retains its accuracy. You will ensure that your picture is printed in the correct proportions with a panoramic view, capturing every detail.

Ideal for: fireplace mantels, kitchens, and long hallways.

Canvas Prints 16″ x 16″

Use a 16 “x16” as the focal point of a gallery wall or hang it alone over a bedroom dresser. With plenty of space, make a one-of-a-kind photo collage by mixing images and amusing quotes. If you have the room, the 16 “x16” canvas size is a medium to wide square, making it the ideal focal point on any wall. Allow the canvas print to stand alone to make a point, or couple it with other smaller prints for a one-of-a-kind show.

Ideal for: living area, dining rooms, and guest bedrooms.

Canvas Prints 20″ x 16″

The 20 “x16” canvas, which is slightly wider than the 16 “x16” canvas, helps you to view longer images, such as wedding photos, tall buildings, or vast landscapes. Display it behind a desk or over a doorway. The larger scale is also suitable for canvas prints that would hang in an office. As long as you have a standard-sized bed, the 20 “x16” dimensions can take up enough space without making the wall appear bare.

Ideal for: offices, gaming rooms, and dining rooms.

Canvas Prints 36″ x 12″

Comparable to the 24 “The 36 “x12″ canvas fits well in long hallways or over the entertainment center (it is the same distance as a 42” TV). Print inspirational quotations or pictures of your favorite travel destinations on this canvas. The 36×12 scale “Because canvas prints are enormous, we suggest using them for some of your favorite and highest-quality images. The large canvas print will make it seem as if you have a gallery within your house, and the scale will bring a lot of character to your walls.
Ideal for: dining spaces, kitchens, and entryways.

Canvas Prints 20″ x 30″

This large canvas would make an impact in every space. You may choose to hang it over a couch, but it’s still tall enough to stand alone against a wall. This canvas print size looks very professional when framed. The print is ideal for displaying beloved relatives or children’s pictures, and it is the ideal size for hanging in bedrooms or hallways.

Ideal for: classrooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces

Canvas Prints 24″ x 36″

Are you about to wow your guests? This substantial 24×36 canvas will set the tone in any space with a large wall, but it works better as the only picture in the room. You can also make a gallery wall if you have enough wall space, but this scale canvas print works well as the centerpiece. Choose creative images to turn your home into a professional gallery. When the giant canvas print is easily inexpensive and personalized at Shutterfly, the visitors would believe you wasted hundreds to thousands of dollars on interior design.

Ideal for: bedrooms, dining rooms, and offices.

Choosing the Best Canvas Size

If you’re looking for artwork or making your own, selecting the correct canvas scale is essential for your one-of-a-kind works. We discussed some standard options above, but there are hundreds of basic canvas sizes open to you.

A canvas has an aspect ratio determined by the relationship of each side of the canvas to the others. A square picture, for example, has an aspect ratio of 1:1, so both sides are equal. If the aspect ratio is 1:2, one hand is twice as wide as the other.

This aspect ratio must be determined so that the canvas can match on your wall and set the scene for your artwork. If you’ve ever seen a photograph that seems too big or too small for the frame, you know that the dimensions of a canvas can significantly affect the composition.

When you’re about to embark on a DIY project, whether it’s painting or home decor, having a schedule in place will make your imagination flourish. Starting from a blank canvas, use our guide above to decide the scale and form that will work best for your project. Are you looking for the perfect canvas for your room? Browse all nine of our canvas options for your house.

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