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Trendy Games Style: Decorate your room with MTG Canvas Wall Art!

Order your Magic: The Gathering Wall Art Today!

If you are a lover of the MTG, why not start decorating your room with these wizards’ canvas wall art. Or wouldn’t it be the perfect gift for someone special who loves Magic: The Gathering? Our MTG canvas sets come in 5 panels, perfectly match the 5 color of spells and wizards. Let us know which are your favorite wizards today, and we can easily customize the panels into the characters that you like. Send us a custom request today!

MTG Magic: The Gathering 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art by

MTG Magic: The Gathering 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art by

MTG Magic: The Gathering 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art by
MTG Magic: The Gathering 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art by

High-Quality Canvas Art

At, you will find the best quality canvas in the market. All panels are mounted with hooks at the back of the canvases. Black ribbon taped and no staple will be visible. Each panel is plastic sealed. Pack carefully in carton box. Fast shipping to your door! (except for Aust Post). What are you waiting for? Join our happy customers today!

MTG Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art by

MTG Magic: The Gathering 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art Gift by

Not everyone may know about one of these most popular card games of recent years. And if you do know about it – Magic: The Gathering, you may know how fun and addictive it is. Players collect different cards to play battle as powerful wizards and by using 5 colors of spell cards to defeat other players. Playing MTG might be one of the best things to do while spending the evening with friends.

This magic wizard game was originally started in the early 21st century and it has gained very high rated reviews over the years. Studies have shown that players use their imaginations and act like the fantasy-roles during the game. Also, these MTG games help to improve the social, narrative and even mental skills of the players. Given the ever-rising exposure of the screen times and the use of electronic devices, this card game may be a gospel to parents to help the children staying away from all the computer games or worse of all, drugs and bad influences like gangsters.

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Order your MTG wall art now! Available in the following panel size. Most popular ones are the 5-panel design. Speak to our customer service today!

 Size Chart - 5 panel MTG Canvas Wall Art

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