Canvas Care Instruction

Canvas Care Instruction

Canvas Care

Our canvas prints are a high-quality reproduction of photos. To avoid scratching your prints, canvas prints should never be sprayed with any kind of cleaner or in any diluted form. Ideally, however, the surface of a canvas print should never be touched, even when coated. Dust should be blown off the surface or try using a special canvas brush. If necessary, a light feather duster should be used to remove dust build up and only if the canvas has been properly coated. Chemical fluids are not recommended to be used to clean a canvas print. Our canvas prints are waterproofed, only apply water on a damp cloth to gently clean off significant dirt if necessary. Learn more about

Safe Place to Store Canvas Print

Avoid hanging or storing anything in the basement attic or any other place with extremes of temperature and humidity. A stable cool dry environment is best. Avoid hanging pieces on outside walls. Avoid hanging prints in direct sunlight or any other intense light source. Control the exposure to ultraviolet light through glazing or placement away from a UV source.

Occasionally rotate framed prints to cut down on the duration of light exposure. Avoid hanging framed prints directly above working fireplaces or radiators. We at hope that this guide has given you some insight into the care of your canvas print, but please bear in mind though that this is only a general guide and you should contact us for more specialized advice on your particular piece.

For more information, please contact our After Sales Team for more advices.