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Real Case Study:
Canvas World Map Shown as Delivered
yet Delay-In-Transit

Do not panic when your canvas art is delayed In Transit if you shop at

Be Cautious when Shopping Canvas Art Online

When it comes to online shopping, the first thing people worries about is whether the site is real or simply scam. People searches for on-site real comments, latest product reviews, when was the last blog post dated, what was the returns policy and so forth. We truly understand this behavior as what any rational consumer does, given the fact that nowadays there are way too many scam or fake sites can be found on the internet. It is hard to tell if it is a scam! It has always been a good idea to be cautious when it comes to shopping online. 

Communication with Buyers is the Key at Panel Wall Art

We, Panel Wall Art, has been in this industry for years now and we often came across with clients asking for a reproduction of certain prints or designs which they had bought online but did not receive from some scammer sites. That is exactly why we have added a live chat button on our site. We encourage our interested buyers to contact us, send us messages to know that we are really in the business. Communication with clients is a very important part of our business foundation – from ordering prints to the item being delivered, unboxed and hung up. We value each communication opportunity where we can share with buyers our professionalism and passion in making beautiful canvas art. We believe that this is the most effective approach on how trust can be built between our consumers and us as a responsible seller. 

Case Study 1: Shown as Delivered and Lost-In-Transit

This is a real case happened recently. We have hidden the buyer’s details under our privacy policies.

2017 March 22: Buyer CJ purchased an item from

2017 March 24: Item was transported from Hong Kong to Guangzhou by land. And from Guangzhou to correct address in WI, United States by air. See Tracking ID

2017 March 31: Item was shown as well delivered by USPS at IL, United States. Yet, it was still in transit to the address where it was supposed to be (i.e. WI, United States)

2017 June 1: Buyer CJ contacted us through email and said the world map canvas prints was not received at all. 

Customer's Email Conversation addressed the issue |

2017 June 1: Within an hour, we replied to CJ that we will send a replacement by the same weekend.

Panel Wall Art's Prompt Reply to Customer regarding the Shipping Issue | Panelwallart.com2017 June 2: We shipped a new item to the buyer with tracking ID.

Customer Service at Panel Wall Art replies to Customer to resolve shipping issue |

Seller’s Proactive Approach to Resolve Problems

This is a real case with real trackable shipping IDs. Our customer service and production team have responded to the issue professionally and in a timely manner. The chance of Delay-In-Transit happened approximately 1 in 200 orders. Our friendly customer service team will be here 24-7 to help our customers with critical shipping issues.

Panel Wall Art – A Platform to Buy Canvas Art with Confidence!

We have heard way too many customers’ complaints to us about other canvas shops’ poor canvas quality standards, passive communication services and unfavorable returns policies. At, not only we pride ourselves on the products we produced and the shopping experience we offered, we created 100% Happiness Guarantee policies in helping buyers to shop with confidence at our online shop. We are clear and open to what materials we used, exact canvas dimensions and depth, shipping method and estimated delivery time. We make sure our buyers know exactly what they are buying and we ensure the quality of canvas art meets their expectation.

Hear What Our Team says

“Our vision is to provide a secured platform for buyers to shop canvas art with absolutely no worries! What we meant by “no worries” applies to Canvas Quality, Shipping Time and Returns Policy! Simply enjoy shopping at our store with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!” – Jason

Jason is one the Designers at Panel Wall Art |

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