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5 Cat Wall Art Collections for All the Cat Ladies

Cats make everything better! It’s the code that we cat ladies live for. Up the cat lady decor by a notch, and take a look at our cat wall art collections that fulfills your cat lady dreams. And if you think we’re crazy, well the joke’s on you! (Being a cat lady is awesome, by the way).

The internet is the cats’ domain! They’ve dominated the world wide web, and now they’re all set to take over our homes and everyone’s hearts — inevitably. And hey, just because we’ve got cat hair over every surface in the house that we could think of, doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous.

Get ready for cat wall art galore!

5 Cat Wall Art Collections You Need

Cats are everything! All my fellow cat ladies, raise your hands in victory! Now it’s time to get the purr-fect decor and embrace your inner cat lady with Panel Wall Art and their extensive cat wall art collection.

Plus, if you want the perfect gift for kids who love cats too, then you’ve come to the right place.

#1 Lion Wall Decor


Let’s start with the magnificent King of the Jungle (or should I say, King of the Savanna)! And if you’re a huge fan of lions, then there’s no better place to head straight to while you’re here, than our lion wall art collection. Abstract lions, realistic depictions of lions, contemporary lion art, we’ve got it all.

#2 Cheetah Wall Art Collection


Large, spotted, and super fast. The hallmark of a badass cat that could outrun you and take you down at the same time. Are you a fan of this black-spotted cat running through the Savanna? You want Cheetah wall decor? We’ve got you covered! Hang up these realistic Cheetah depictions and add a perfect pop of color to a neutral room.

#3 Leopard Wall Decor


Big and powerful and closely related to the lion and the jaguar. Leopards are badass! And if you’re looking for leopard wall decor to spruce up your living areas, you’ve come to the right place.

#4 Tiger Wall Art Collection


An apex predator recognizable for its dark vertical stripes on popular orange-brown fur. Tigers are aesthetic creatures and they’re gorgeous. (Not to mention powerful). 

To honor such a gorgeous creature, we’ve created a collection dedicated solely to tiger wall decor. Come have a look and see if anyone of them catch your fancy.

#5 Cat Wall Art Decor 

And last but not the least, is the cat wall art collection. Our classic favorite domesticated feline friends. Care for them well, and they can be the best friend you’ve ever had. 

To honor these lovely felines and their influence in our society, we’ve put together this collection just chock full of lovable cats.


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