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Giving the Typical World Map a Twist

Tired of the plain and ordinary world map hanging on your wall? Then spice things up in your study or your living room with our latest push pin world map!

With our 3-6 panel maps, a boring geography experience will only be a thing of the past. There are more than a dozen designs and colors to choose from, so indulge yourself with the hottest maps-with-a-twist only here at Panel Wall Art.

We make sure to provide a wide array of canvas art selections for individuals with unique preferences. If you’re more into the abstract aesthetics, we got abstract and asymmetrical panels just for. Were you bitten by the travel bug or do you just want to be reminded of the places you’ve been to? Then you’ll definitely love our collection of physical and political world maps as perfect reminders of the wanderlust! Educational maps are also available for students and instructors to revel in.

Our world maps come in different sizes, but we believe the bigger the map, the greater the impact. Living up to our motto of deviating from the ordinary, unique combination of colors will surely captivate you and unsuspecting visitors anytime! Choose from our beige, blue, black, monochrome, four-color to multicolored map canvas.

Be it a living room centerpiece or an educational resource, Panel Wall Art’s push pin world maps promise to give your room a contemporary vibe infused with an intellectual and passionate feel for learners and travelers alike.

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