Star Wars Troopers


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Star Wars Troopers

Panel wall arts are an unconventional take to the usual canvas art. Their multi-paneled picture is either a high definition print or hand-painted image on canvas. The separate frames in varying lengths and sizes give an avant-garde touch, adding up a modern vibe to any 21st century home.

To make things more exciting and captivating, how about taking this modern twist to another level? Star Wars wall art, anyone?

As tribute to the enormously popular saga, Panel Wall Art fuses the popular science-fiction legend with the modern twist in canvas arts for fans to revel in. Surely almost all of us have dreamt of dressing up as the ever memorable Star Wars Troopers. Although they evolve in every episode, their signature look and moves are staple features. Donned in their sophisticated white armour, blaster rifles and pistols, and unswerving loyalty to the Empire, Star Wars Troopers have become a regular in all installment and have definitely stormed their way to our hearts.

Designs are available in 4 and 5 panels. Our panel wall arts are guaranteed printed on premium cotton/poly canvas with a waterproof and UV-light resistant coating, professionally handmade with love and attention to the tiniest detail. They are perfect centerpieces to any part of your home and are ideal gifts for fanatic loved ones on special occasions.

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