Custom Prints

How to turn your favorite photo into a canvas print?

Panel Wall Art’s collection may be extensive. But we can even admit that you can’t find what you want with us all the time. One of the best examples is your personal and favorite photos that you treasure so dearly. For this reason, Panel Wall Art has long ago decided to go the extra mile with custom canvas prints. 

Now, you can turn your favorite pictures into an attractive piece of artwork. And you can actually use this to decorate any interior spaces with something that is close to your heart. Plus, no one can argue that custom canvas prints make great gifts too. Here’s a simple guide to get that custom canvas art of your dreams.

  1. Choose the panel design you want from the options that are given below.
  2. Select the panel size and depth that you need for your wall.
  3. Click the “customize” button.
  4. Upload the photo that you want to be printed. The required file size must atleast 1mb with image format .png or .jpg to avoid blurry prints. 
  5. Adjust the placement of the image on the canvas you choose.
  6. If everything is set, click add to cart. You can also save your work for future use.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the specifications needed for printing a custom canvas print?

A simple rule in finding the perfect photo and turning it into a canvas art is using the highest and biggest image i.e. having atleast 4K resolution. Ideally, that image must be clear and have details when you want to attain the exact size, i.e. when you want to turn it into 80″ x 40″ that image must not be blurry at its 100% view. If you want to attain an image for a canvas size of 20″ x 20″ it is ideal to submit an image having atleast half of its size i.e. 10″ x 10″. Simply it’s best to upload an HD image. 

What file format images can I upload to Photos to Art?

You may upload photos with formats such as “jpg”, “tiff”, or “png”.

Where can I see the sizes?

You can actually see the sizes on the product page i.e on the size section, on the description or in the size chart before you upload photos. If you have further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Can I save my design?

Yes, but this is only temporary. You won’t be able to access the saved design if you change browser/device, cookies expire or you clean your cache.