Customize Your Unique Multi Panel Wedding Photo Canvas Prints

 Does Wedding Photo Canvas Prints become the trending wall art for newly weds?

Wedding photo canvas print on multi panel wall art

The trend of having one of these multi-panel canvas wall art is ever increasing to any home, hotel, and restaurant. The idea of split canvas prints started a few years ago and it has risen in popularity in the United States these days. On average every home has 2 – 4 sets of these panel wall art hanging in the living room, bedroom and even kitchen.

What makes this kind of giclee printed art so special is that you can custom made your own prints with your favourite photo. Whether it is a wedding photo, beautiful landscape shot your took from your last vacation or an image scan of your child’s art project, the image presented as a printed wall art is going to be of your own design which is unique and you will be proud to see what’s hanging on your wall.

Nowadays these multi-panel wall art overrides the traditional 1-panel canvas prints. Multi-panel customization allows you to choose the number of panels you would like. Having your image divided into few gallery-wrapped panels. Your wall art will look stunning from every angle you view from because the mirrored image on the side is an extension of your image itself, professionally wrapped around the edges, creating a classy and expensive look of your wall art. And it does save a lot of from framing them!

A custom made wedding photo canvas prints may be a great seasonal gift idea to once again steal your love one’s heart. This is a recent work we did with our customer, Mike, who would like to surprise his fiancé with a wonderful pre-wedding photo. triptych wedding photo on canvasMike, being rather indecisive about what panel design should he choose, was shown with two mock up options which our designer think it would look great. The triptych design drew one’s attention to the beautiful couple and the harbour view, while the 5 uneven panel put the focus mainly onto the couple. Visualising the sample of a final product did help our client to make his final decision. Guess which panel design did he pick?

5 panel wedding photo canvas printPanel Wall Art has been one of the leading canvas printing companies in this expertise. We devote extra effort in every panel design we custom made for customers. We are quite flexible on sizes, depth thickness, panel design – whether it is cascading, even or uneven panels, color adjusting and more, our professional canvas expert team, has been in this industry for over 9 years, will be able to accommodate any special request. Most importantly is that we think everyone can be the designer of his own wall and the creativity from mankind is simply unlimited. We work closely with our customers to create the perfect wall art that they have been longing for.

Talk to our designers today and customize your wedding photo canvas prints!

Cryus Wang – Art Designer, Panel Wall Art
– specialized in custom canvas design and world map design

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