How to Decorate a Crafts Room That Can Inspire Your Creativity

Serious artists and craft makers need a serious craft room. There’s no way you can properly express your creativity freely in a living room. Not if you want to keep that space clean at all times for the sake of your surprise guests. Learning how to decorate a crafts room is a must.

It’s not an exaggeration either. If you’re a real and serious crafter, you know how quickly supplies can multiply, and how messy crafting an object can be.

What was once just a stash of thread and nice sewing kit can easily multiply into stockpiles of fabric of every color, dozens and dozens of yarn, etc.

Care to admit it or not, this kind of hobby needs a dedicated space — a room of its own.

But here’s the big bonus! It’s your chance to express creativity in decor.

After all, your personal craft room should fuel your inspiration — should motivate you to create.

7 Ideas on How to Decorate a Crafts room

Crafts rooms are a place of creativity and you want to decorate yours with just enough personality to inspire your every creation. In lieu of learning how to decorate a crafts room, here are some design and decor ideas you can consider to complete your own crafts room.

#1 Consider adjustable shelving


Image Credit: Refined Room

You may be an avid fan of cross-stitching or creating scrapbooks now, but you never know what you’ll be fond of in the next year, or the next five months. Human interests are fickle. One moment you love painting. Next, you’re totally into digital art.

So don’t confine your crafts room to just one craft activity. Prepare for these inevitable shifts in interest by incorporating adjustable shelving. You have no shortage of choices as a lot of home-improvement stores sell easy-to-install adjustable shelving units.

#2 Devise an organizational system

If you’re a crafter, then you know that nothing beats a great organizational system. Otherwise, you risk wasting entire days digging through darkened drawers just looking for this paper and that pen, or this thread and that pair of scissors. Or even extra tape.


Image Credit: Camille Styles

Consider storage with sturdy pull-out shelves. Slap labels at the front so you never have to guess which is which from now on. Plus, it makes switching from one project to another much easier.

#3 Pepper the rooms with your favorite trinkets


Image Credit: Home for Heather

Little personal touches here and there are certainly not bad. Some of them can even fuel the inspiration just brewing underneath the surface. Consider some of the reasons why you love to craft. Are you inspired by your favorite crochet stuffed animals? Do you love drawing your favorite characters from your favorite book or show? Are you a fan of an interior-decor blogger?

Whatever strikes your crafting fancy, embrace that love and include that in your current space. 

#4 Make use of available space

This is applicable for people who have no choice but to have craft rooms in small spaces. It’s not the end of the world. While you can’t store a giant shelf with loads of compartments in that room, you can still make-do with what you have right now. 


Image Credit: Driven by Decor

What exactly qualifies as unused space?

Walls are unused space. You can tack shelves to them.

#5 Bring nature inside

Bringing nature indoors adds life to a space. Plus, natural products like rattan furniture and wicker actually provide some great texture to a room otherwise filled with solid colors. 

Don’t be afraid to incorporate gorgeous greens and plant motifs in your craft room. Whether that’s through having actual plants, or having nature-themed wall decor mounted on the wall.

Panel Wall Art also has a lot of other nature-themed collections, just like our beach and ocean canvas art collection.

When it comes to how to decorate a crafts room, you just can’t go wrong with forest and trees wall art collection.

#6 Hang your favorite art pieces


Image Credit: DIY & Crafts

There’s no better source of inspiration than artwork itself. Whether that’s by classically renowned painters and artists, or more modern ones that you’re an absolute fan of. If your crafts room has the available space, don’t be afraid to go for it.

#7 Include motivational decor


Image Credit: Brutal Visual Studio

Yes, pushing yourself to be the best through motivational words mounted on the walls can be pretty cliche. But it gets things done when you’re in need of it. As you know, if you’re a seasoned crafter, motivation can occasionally be difficult to come by. 

And it’s rather easy to beat yourself up when you find yourself just staring at a blank canvas, blank pages, or blank walls.

So do yourself a favor and get your favorite quotes up on that wall.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Eclectic

After all of this is said and done, and you end up with a room that may look a little more eclectic than what you first bargained for, then that’s okay! 

Everyone needs a flare of colors and textures once in a while. What’s important is that you know how to decorate a crafts room that inspires your creativity.

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