How to Decorate Large Blank Walls in the Living Room

Blank walls are tough interior decor concerns to tackle. It’s either you have too much space that’s properly decorate, or your initial collection of wall art are a bit on the small size. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Knowing how to decorate large blank walls are actually simple.

Because when you’re in doubt about how to decorate large blank walls, know that you can never go wrong with oversized and large pieces of wall art.

From a collection of photographs to canvas arts ordered online, these large additions make great focal points in the living room.

5 Oversized Wall Art Ideas

When it comes to knowing how to decorate large blank walls, most people immediately opt for putting a gallery wall together. It’s a great idea…

But why jump on the bandwagon when you can stun visitors with something else equally eye-catching?

On top of that, you can even take these ideas beyond the living room if you have so much space available. That means your kitchen, your bedroom, and yes, the hallways.

Without further ado, let’s get to learning how to decorate large blank walls with oversized wall art. And yes, technically, oversized wall art you choose depends on your personal taste. But here are our recommendations:

#1 Bridge Wall Art

Panel Wall Art has a collection of wall art depicting bridges. Every kind of them. And maybe we let slip a few designs of docks somewhere in there.

Triptychs, in particular, look really good as oversized decorations. Either above sofas or alone in empty walls, they really work well to draw the eye.

#2 Modern Wall Art

Purple Flower (Black)
Purple Flower

We have an expansive range of contemporary designs in our modern wall art collection. Depending on your personal taste, you can find edgy artwork to suit your style, or classy ones that will reflect the feel of your interior design.

The Indianas
The Indianas

Or if you have narrower walls, you can hang up vertical wall art. It’s effective at occupying large blank wall spaces.

#3 Country State and Flag Wall Art

If you’re the patriotic type, we’re not short on oversized canvas art depicting flags either. From state flags to full-on country ones, you can take your pick from any large-sized canvas wall art.

Wall art depicting flags though, are better against neutral wall colors — since choosing wall colors are important. This is so your patriotic flag designs get a chance to shine.

#4 Cityscape Wall Art

Our cityscape collection looks exceptionally great. Depending on your interior design, wall art designs of the Eiffel Tower, the New York landscape, San Francisco Bay Bridge, etc would match the furniture and accent tables.

#5 Push Pin World Map Wall Art

The best type of wall art that we would highly recommend when you’re learning how to decorate large blank walls is to invest in oversized wall art of push pin world maps. Both functional and would look exceptionally good in industrial interior design or vintage.

More Tips on How to Decorate Large Blank Walls

Of course, we understand that choosing wall art is only one part of knowing how to decorate large blank walls in the living room. Other interior design tips you can consider in decorating large blank spaces are:

  • Large mirrors: Mirrors make rooms feel bigger and brighter, because they reflect light. You can attach the large mirrors to the blank wall, or you can lean them.
  • Floating wall shelves: Floating furniture always hits the sweet spot. You can have these floating wall shelves tacked from floor to ceiling, and add items on the shelves — no more than three.
  • Hanging tapestries or rugs: Patterned rugs and tapestries are great for adding texture and would be a nice focal point — especially if your home is boho-styled.

Well, we hoped that helped you immensely in knowing how to decorate large blank walls.

And if you feel like searching for more wall art at low prices, feel free to shop around Panel Wall Art for exclusive designs and summer sale prices.

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