6 Designer Tricks: How to Make Your Dining Room Look Expensive

Not all of us are lucky enough to have the cash at our disposal to spend on high-end interior decor. Maybe you’re wondering if there are any designer tricks for making a dining room look expensive. It happens every single time. Your eye wants one thing, but your budget can’t jive and it wants another. 

Or at least, that’s how it seems at the moment. But the bottomline is, having an expensive dining room and a dining room that looks expensive are two drastically different things.

And if it’s the cash that’s keeping you from achieving the former, the good news is that the latter is perfectly achievable, and a whole lot easier to get.

Designer Tricks to Make Your Dining Room Look Expensive

Let’s get started with your dining room transformation…

The great news is that there’s no need to splurge so much if you can’t afford a complete dining room remodel at the moment. With a few touches and a couple of additions, you can transform your dining room into something more stylish and infinitely gorgeous.

Here are 6 designer tricks that you can use.

#1 Using the right colors

The first step to faux luxury is your choice of color. It’s one of the simplest upgrades that you can deliver to your dining room. Adding a touch of color to the walls — just classic. 

Image Credit: Home Stratosphere

Paint is not expensive, very easy to apply, and plus, lightly colored walls are far more interesting than just white walls. Avoid drowning your dining room in bold tones.

Image Credit: Decoist

For instance, light grays combined with lilac adds that tinge of sophistication. It can provide color contrast to the warm wood you find in the tables and chairs.

#2 Pick out a rug

Image Credit: Overstock

Rugs are a staple of home decor for every culture, contemporary, and classic. And even in our day and age, rugs have never lost their room-defining powers. And that power is so evident when you bring it into the dining area. 

Apart from acting as accents to the table, they also draw attention to the floor, tying in patterns and colors together. Choose a rug with a plush texture in a room filled mostly with solid colors.

#3 Play with creative lighting

Image Credit: DelightFULL

Lighting is crucial in dining room interior decor. It’s also one of the most fun parts of the dining room decorating process. If you closely keep tabs on the latest products hitting the market, you’ll find that many design companies are putting new and artistic spins on lighting solutions — especially the ones that feel right at home in your dining room.

Try investing in a cluster of light fixtures. Check out different shapes and various other finishes, and see which fixtures would look really great in your dining room space.

#4 Invest in artwork

Dining room needs art. It can be your focal point, and the perfect finishing touch that makes any room feel like it’s a well-curated designer space. 

True enough, art can be expensive. But you should know that there are cost-effective options out there. Take a look at dining room art inspiration to find what works for you. Plus, no one says you need to complete this in a single day. 

For contemporary dining rooms, you can go for classic modern wall art prints.

Or if you’re a fan of dramatic art hanging on the walls, there’s plenty of architecture canvas wall art that you can pick from our collection.

If your interior decors are beach-themed, we’ve got beach and ocean canvas art prints for you to pick from as well.

And these three featured collections in Panel Wall Art are just scratching the tip of the iceberg.

Take your time and find the right wall art piece that would fit your dining room interior style, and make it look flawlessly luxurious.

#5 Try out gold flatware

Image Credit: Amazon

Another great way to give your dining room a “facelift” is through this small and simple gesture. Something popular in dining decor is the incorporation of gold flatware. The high sheen and the metallic finish just screams “luxury!” 

Image Credit: Your Day by MK

However, if flashy metallics aren’t your thing, try opting for black flatware. These are designer tricks that get the same opulent feel and look — just with a mysterious and moodier edge.

#6 Choose a great flower arrangement

Image Credit: Home Design Lover

The dining room is one of the best rooms in the house that could benefit from freshly chosen flowers and artfully arranged blooms. This could be your best opportunity to create a real statement. 

There’s nothing quite more beautiful and more flashy than a well-made flower arrangement. And the best part about floral centerpieces is that they don’t cost a lot of money to create. 

You can have a flower arrangement that runs the length of a table, acts as a centerpiece, or both. Flower arrangements change a lot too, and with them, you can give your dining room a new feel from one week to the next.

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