DIY 2-Panel Abstract Canvas Wall Art Under $30

DIY ocean hand painting wall art canvas by

5 Easy Steps to Create your Own Ocean Canvas Wall Art

Oftentimes it is quite difficult to find the exact wall art that we have in mind on the internet marketplaces. Some are a bit pricey to start with and we begin to think why don’t we make our own canvas wall art! Before you start, make sure you have the following equipment beside you.


Let’s start with Abstract Ocean-Look Canvas



  • Some canvas boards which you can easily buy from Amazon.
  • Paintbrushes
  • Colour Paints
  • A bibbon or some long stripy fabric with a thick texture
  • Some containers for water
  • A towel to wipe off excess from your brushes


5 Steps to Follow:

  1. Select a background colour of your choice. Even you want it to be white, you have to paint it white! Make sure you paint it on the borders to keep it looking good from any angle.
  2. Pick a colour theme. Say for example you want the canvases to be in the tone of the ocean. You may consider cold colours including black, navy, teal, cyan and white.
  3. Next, think of an easy pattern and keep it consistent. Vertical straight lines from top to bottom? Horizontal strokes going left and right? Doing both maybe?
  4. Then, if you are after a multi-panel canvas paint art, you may want to repeat the above steps on another canvas board.
  5. Finally, place the ribbon or the stripy fabric on the canvas from top to bottom. Make sure it is long enough to hold on the two ends. Rub it within a range of 2″ in the direction of left and right. Do it unevenly everywhere and get you the abstract coastal-look of an ocean canvas.


Done. Pretty easy, isn’t it?


Here are some beautiful images to go with mixing colour tones.

5 panel ocean canvas wall art by

5 panel purple sky canvas wall art by

5 panel yellow sunset canvas wall art by


Your May Consider Canvas Prints Wall Art

If painting is really not a thing for you, simply pick an image that you love from any beautiful wallpaper site. Email us to create a custom order request with no extra charges. We can turn any images into your favorite multi-panel wall art canvas in any panel and sizes.




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