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4 Fan Wall Art Collections to Add to Your Geek Collection

We understand the needs of a fan and all about being a fan of a particular series. We, ourselves, can attest to the fact that we love Star Wars (as evidenced by our Star Wars collection). But that collection aside, we’ve also got awesome fan wall art collections that you would love.

That is, if you’re a fan of a particular series. Most of the fan wall art collections we feature range from iconic movie sagas (like Star Wars) all the way to iconic video game fandoms.

To any person who’s been a die-hard fan of any particular series, you can’t deny that you’ve geeked out at least one point in your life. Don’t lie about that.

So you have a geek collection.

Well, spruce it up with some more — if you have the budget for expansions that is.

That being said, here are our fan wall art collections that you’d really enjoy.

4 Fan Wall Art Collections to Check Out

From the trailblazing movie saga that is Star Wars, all the way our favorite flashy DC and Marvel heroes. Right down to our favorite video game heroes from Tomb Raider or World of Warcraft. Whichever fandom you belong in, boy do we have a treat for you.

Check out our fan wall art collections and start shopping for thrilling artwork you can proudly display in your gaming room. Or bedroom. Whichever one works for you, really.

#1 Star Wars Collection

star-wars-wall-art-low-prices-6Of course, if I had to say which line of products are really hot sellers in our store, it’s this.

Our Star Wars collection… That’s gotten so big, some characters like Darth Vader and Kylo Ren have their own fancy sub-category. Yes, we’re massive fans of Siths. What are you going do about it?

Star Wars AircraftsAlso, there’s an entire sub-category dedicated to Star Wars aircrafts.

We’re sure there are plenty more. So explore and take your pick from our vast collection.

#2 DC & Marvel Collection

The DC vs. Marvel debate will always rage on. What are you talking about?

The age-old struggle across internet forums persevere all throughout these years. But I hate taking sides, so truth be told, I really love both. So is it a big surprise that Panel Wall Art has DC comics canvas and Marvel wall art in stock?

For DC, we only have Wonder Woman on display at the moment, but our Marvel collection is much larger. Heroes like Captain Marvel and Spiderman are ready to grace your walls as wall art.

#3 Anime Collection

Ah, anime… Anime wall art is something we have in stock too. Having wall art for every single anime show in existence is borderline impossible. But we do have lovely wall art from popular shows like Naruto or Dragon Ball

For everything else, we highly recommend going for customized canvas prints.

#4 Games Collection

From video games to card games, our store hosts a games canvas wall art collection. So if you’re a huge fan of Magic the Gathering or League of Legends (even World of Warcraft), then we think you’re going to get a kick out of this.

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