3 Star Wars-themed Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Say Yo Da Best Dad!

Heads up! We got Father’s Day gift ideas for ya!

Hello, members of the Force, acolytes of the Dark Side, and all the Grey Jedis!

Let’s not beat around the bush and just come right out and say that you’re here because the title brought you here. (Like the Force). And if you’ve been in this planet for longer than a decade, then you’ve had a lot of Father’s days, and with June just around the corner, now’s a good time as any to start hunting for Father’s day gift ideas.

But not just any Father’s day gift ideas…


We’re talking Star Wars-themed Father’s day gift ideas. Ones that involve wall decor, to be exact.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Star Wars Obsessed Dada

Tumblers, figurines, official memorabilia, man purses, t-shirts…


They’re good. They’re functional…

And your dad probably has seen a lot of them for years now.

Here’s a unique idea for you…

Give him a memento of his favorite Saga of all time, so he (and you) can show the rest of the world how much of a dork you are in trying to be one with the Force.

Here are our top 3 picks:

#1 Star Wars Aircrafts


Say what you will…

There are dads who watch Star Wars for the massive and iconic airships.

I know my dad does.

#2 Jedi and the Force Collection


Or maybe your dad is a stickler for justice, and would always encourage you to heed the Force as much as possible.

No shame there. We think it’s an admirable trait. And goal.


Being a part of the Jedi Knights and all.

For all you know, your Dad might be a secret Jedi Master.

#3 Darth Vader, the Storm Troopers, and the Other Siths


No judgment on the fact that your dad is a huge fan of Darth Vader, the Storm Troopers and the other Siths. Even if Darth Vader probably isn’t the best example for good parenting.


Personally, I still think the guy deserves “Best Dad in the Galaxy” award.



And on that note,

But if you don’t think your dad will fancy any of those collections in the top 3, there’s always a bunch more artwork to choose from in our expansive Star Wars collection.


Come on. You guys know we’re Star Wars nuts.

Also, to help you plan out your Father’s day gift ideas in advance, we’ve got freebies to share!


But what are they?

Why, Star Wars-themed Father’s Day greeting cards, of course.

Go ahead and tap or click that happy banner below. It’ll take you directly to all the downloadable good stuff. You’ve got many awesome designs to choose from. Promise!

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