Interior Decor Guide: How to Make a Room Look Feminine

Let’s go on record right off the bat and start by saying that any style (regardless if it’s masculine or feminine), can be enjoyed by both sexes equally. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of the latter, then there are definitely some perks that come with knowing how to make a room look feminine.

It can’t be denied that there are certain elements of interior design that are associated with a traditionally feminine or masculine aesthetics. Yes, the best rooms are a power combination of both, but sometimes, some of us just want our home to lean into one more than the other.

How to Make a Room Look Feminine

If that’s your case, then there are definitely some aspects of the home that you can tweak to suit your preferences. Let’s make your room as feminine as your heart desires.

Choose Color Palettes and Shapes Carefully


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Rooms that are dominantly feminine often lean towards softer and muted colors. So think along the lines of pastels and creamy light neutrals. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re ruling out bright colors all together. Bright colors like vivid purple and hot pink could work really well in feminine spaces. But to create that girly vibe, we’d highly recommend soft colors best.

What about accent colors? Warm metallics like rose gold and copper would look really good. An opposite to masculine accents of silver and platinum, which creates a cold and hard look. Knowing how to make a room look feminine means being warm and glamorous.

Check Your Patterns and Textures

Masculine rooms are famous for using patterns like plaids, herringbones, and bold stripes. By contrast, a feminine room makes the most out of damask patterns, botanicals, or florals, and other decorative patterns that you can think of. Try out small geometrics too, like polka dots. They work really well with feminine spaces.


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Just make the prints and patterns more cheerful. In addition, make sure to use textures skillfully. Textures can determine the overall feel of a room. It’s really important to mix and match.

Combine hard with soft, smooth with coarse, shiny with matte, and other combinations to create impeccable style. Textures add depth in any room. And when it comes knowing how to make a room look feminine, a healthy dose of different materials are ideal. Think silk, cotton, velvet, linen, cashmere, and chenille.

Choosing Your Wall Art

Wall art (no matter the wall space) makes a great focal point in any room. It draws the eye and makes the entire space cohesive. That’s why you need to choose a great wall art to complete the room’s look. If you pick art that’s just not right, then that sort of defeats the purpose of having wall art. 

We’ve written up plenty of suggestions on an article about girly wall art, but here are some collections that are worth checking out anyway:

Sunset Canvas Wall Art Collection

The sunset canvas art collection is part of the bigger scenery wall art collection. But the reason why we think this is great for a feminine room is because sunsets are popular for their soft hues. And I’ll bet you that you can find pink sunsets and soft-hued blues in this collection.

Nature Canvas Wall Art Collection

Our collection of nature canvas prints feature a lot of waterfalls and flowers. But mostly the latter. And if you can recall earlier, we mentioned that floral patterns are popular for making a room more feminine. With the right color scheme, any of these multi-paneled wall arts can complete the look of your room.

Pattern Wall Art Collection

Still in line with the floral theme of the previously mentioned wall art, we’ve got a pattern wall art collection. They come in various floral patterns, in true fashion of traditional femininity. They also provide rhythm and movement against a wall that’s covered in one solid color.

Updating Furniture and Accessories


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Creating a feminine aesthetic is easy, and that’s because a lot can be done through the use of certain materials. You can try incorporating mirrors, gilt, crystals, and marble. They’re just a few of the traditional materials associated with a feminine room.


Image Credit: London Resident Magazine

As for furniture, include definite feminine flourishes. Think button tufting and carved details. Just not every piece though, or you risk making it too overwhelming. No room should ever be overcrowded with furniture.

Feminine rooms tend to include a lot of decorative pieces simply because they look great. They’re not just around for practical purposes.

In addition, accessories play a vital role in feminine interiors. So include vases of fresh flowers, throw pillows, and personal accents. Represent them heavily, but do it tastefully.

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