5 Ridiculously Easy Halloween Gallery Wall Ideas for the Spooky Season

With each day that passes, we get closer and closer to the spookiest time of the year. It’s the day when kids dress up in scary costumes and show up, screeching trick-or-treat. Now you definitely have no excuse for not decorating your home in advance. So check out a couple of our fun and easy Halloween gallery wall ideas.

Through Halloween gallery wall ideas, you get a chance to decorate your house the easy way. There’s also plenty of options to stick to a holiday-focused color palette. So ready your family pictures, revamped thrift-store art, or professionally done wall art to create bold statements.

Halloween Gallery Wall Ideas

Decorating the house is a joy, especially if you handpick all of your favorites. And especially when you painstakingly choose all the lovely pieces of art to display. Are you prepared to deck the house out in spooky and easy Halloween gallery wall ideas?

Let’s get started!

#1 Hang party posters

Image Credit: Vector Graphics Blog

If you haven’t invested into full-blown gallery walls before, then this might be the perfect solution. This is even more so if you’re not up to the task of arranging an official gallery wall. If you want something you can easily peel off by the end of the day (or the party), then hanging party posters are your perfect and temporary solution.

For Halloween, it’s obvious that you need to choose the ones that coordinate with the color palette of the holiday. Arrange them asymmetrically and have a blast as you decorate.

#2 Scrapbook Pages

Image Credit: Pinterest

Got spare scrapbook pages lying around?

You don’t have to throw those away. They can be a base for your Halloween gallery wall. Scrapbook pages are famous for having lots of varied textures, patterns, and designs. You can stick family pictures or your favorite mementos on them. Try arranging your scrapbook pages in alternating patterns, or in one pattern all together.

#3 Canvas Print Halloween Gallery Wall

Image Credit: DIY Network

The easiest way you can do this if you have the budget is to order a bunch of fancy artwork online, and arrange the single panels on your designated Halloween gallery wall. Choose between an asymmetrical arrangement or a symmetrical one, so you can form grids.

Try putting the medium-sized wall art in the middle, closed in by the mini-sized or small-sized pieces of canvas print. They would look fabulous hanging over your buffet table propped up against the wall.

#4 Family Pictures

Image Credit: DIY Network

Okay, so hear us out.

We know that family pictures for gallery walls are so mundane. But here’s a great idea if you want to get quirky and funny with your Halloween gallery wall ideas. What you do is plaster the stickers on top of people’s in the pictures’ faces. This idea is not for everyone, but if you like it then do it. Don’t be afraid to get creative when choosing your stickers.

Go crazy and funny with Italian mustaches, googly eyes, full-on sticker heads.

#5 Regular Old Multi-paneled Wall Art

And if all things fail, you can always never go wrong with a multi-paneled wall art.

Some might argue that it goes against everything a gallery wall should be. But for us, perhaps it’s enough to make an exception. After all, if you put vertical or horizontal pieces of panels together to complete a picture, isn’t that a gallery look in and of itself?

Plus, they make for cool and stupidly easy puzzle pieces. Just choose a multi-paneled wall art you favor the most, and hang it on the wall.

Need more Halloween wall decor ideas?

With these ridiculously easy and quirky Halloween gallery wall ideas, can you still say no to decorating your house for your next Halloween party? In addition to these pieces of wall decor, don’t forget to hang up artificial cobwebs and other freaky Halloween goodies.

As the month of October continues, we’ve got more Halloween decoration ideas in store for all of you. So stay tuned, and in the meantime, it’s time to get shopping!

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