This is Halloween! Peek at Panel Wall Art’s Halloween Wall Art Collection

It’s October! You know what that means? Halloween is just around the corner. And Panel Wall Art is offering everybody reading this blog right now ideas on which home decors are a part of our Halloween wall art collection.

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It’s this time of the year again when everybody and their kids are out to deck their homes in the scariest pieces of decor and furniture that they can find. Or even salvage from digging around the crap some of us have hidden in our upstairs attic.

Well, if you’re the type to go out trick or treating with friends and family, or hold house parties, then the decor we have in store for you in our Halloween wall art collection is bound to blow your budget. (Well, not really because our prices are reasonable).

Our Halloween Wall Art Collection

Just like we gave your our picks for the Summer and for Autumn, now we’re handing out Halloween wall art suggestions so you can approach October 31st extra prepared. Because if you’re going to throw a Halloween party or celebrate the Day of the Dead, you might as well get something for your house that matches the vibe of the entire holiday celebration.

You ready?

Let’s take a peek at what Panel Wall Art has in store for its Halloween wall art collection.

#5 The Moon Over the Blue Sky and the Lake

When you think of Halloween, scary things always come to mind.

We tend to forget that Halloween nights are magical nights too. And you can’t get anymore magical than wall art of a full moon hanging over an oddly serene ocean. It totally helps that the rest of the photo has been doctored to emphasize the blue hues too.

Picture this piece of art bathed in violet or dark lights. And if you frame it right, it can even look like a five-paneled window into a fake outdoors.

#4 A Moon in the Night Sky

Moon at Night Sky
Moon in the Night Sky

None is more magical than the shine of the moon, or its graceful form peeking through the clouds just to say hello. Similar to our number five pick, this would look great in a room dimmed and highlighted in dark or violet light.

The added bonus is that it just doesn’t look great for Halloween. It’s also gorgeous and dreamy when you place it in your bedroom — especially if you stay in a room that’s boxed in by all four walls. This gives you a bit of a window (or the illusion of one, you might say).

#3 Hogwarts’ School

Who hasn’t heard of J.K. Rowlings’ famous school of witchcraft and wizardry?

It’s kind of like the Star Wars or Game of Thrones franchise, where not many people have not heard of Harry Potter. Even if you aren’t a fan, you’ve likely heard of it. So you’re asking why this particular piece of wall art is included in Panel Wall Art’s Halloween wall art collection?

Well, mostly because it has everything to do with a magical world, and with spellcasters. So yes, we think it’s a great addition. That, and it can’t hurt to have this all-year round if you’re a huge fan of Harry Potter. Also, if your Halloween party this year is Harry Potter-themed, then hello!

#2 Sugar Skulls

The Sugar Skull Girl
The Sugar Skull Girl

We’re going full-on Day of the Dead x Halloween now.

And this wall art is proof of that. Of course, we have more coming your way later on. But for now, we have ourselves this lovely piece of contemporary black-and-white Day of the Dead wall art tribute. Sugar skulls are also one of the most recognizable traits of Day of the Dead celebrations.

Perfect even when the Halloween Party has come to a close.

#1 The Halloween Doll

The Halloween Doll
The Halloween Doll

And of course, the embodiment of Halloween at Panel Wall Art herself. We have dubbed this lovely piece of Halloween wall art, the Halloween Doll.

One, because she absolutely looks like one. And two, her entire aesthetic just fits. It combines Halloween and Day of the Dead splendidly. Note the shades and hues of orange and red splattered about; and top her look with a Day of the Dead mask. She’s a perfect piece of wall art for the occasion.

What other Halloween wall art do you want to see?

Of course, Panel Wall Art has a whole lot more of Halloween decorations coming in the following months. So it’s very advisable to keep your eyes peeled. But in addition to the pieces that we already have in our Halloween wall art collection, what else do you think we should add?

After all, you can never be too early to start planning parties and decorate the house’s large blank walls for one, can you?

Let’s get shopping!

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