Top 5 Must-have Halloween Wall Decorations This October

Top 5 Must-have Halloween Wall Decorations This October

Everybody’s prepping for their own Halloween celebrations. And there are Halloween wall decorations for everyone. Or maybe we should say, every ghoul?


Okay, bad jokes aside.

Some celebrators like to deck the house in full haunted house galore, buying creepy animatronics and gruesome ornaments that range from severed heads to skulls. Don’t forget the eerie soundtracks too. And still, some of us prefer keeping this cute and spook-free. Spoopy is the word you’re looking for.

The good news? There’s no such thing as a right or wrong way to celebrate the spookiest event of them all.

And that brings us to the reason why you’re reading about Halloween wall decorations that you most definitely should get right now. Especially our own products here at Panel Wall Art. We’ve got Halloween-themed wall decor in our collection as a part of our grand sale.

Halloween Wall Decorations You Should Consider Getting

Whatever your Halloween wall decorations styles are, the internet is your very best friend. There’s no such thing as impossible low prices when it comes to Halloween wall decorations. And that’s why we’ve compiled a top 5 must-have Halloween wall decorations to complete your preparations.

For this one, we’re definitely going the neutral route. So, that means nothing too creepy and nothing too spook-free.

#5 Bloody Decals

Image Credit: Amazon

It’s an excuse to splatter the house with some fake blood. So, why not?

The best part is that you can put bloody decals on the stairs, or on the walls. You don’t have a shortage of choices to pick from either; since there’s an abundance of footprints, handprints, blood trails, (whichever you name) available and up for grabs on the world wide web.

#4 Spooky Wall Stickers

Image Credit: Amazon

It’s spooky wall stickers to make for some simple decorating. Need we say more?

There are bats, spiderwebs, silhouettes of witches, pumpkins — every other Halloween wall decor you can think of. These would look great plastered over end tables against walls, even next to wall art. They also make great accents to form a cohesive and beautiful halloween gallery wall.

#3 Halloween Banners

Image Credit: Bren Did

This applies to indoor and outdoor decor.

You can find plenty of Halloween banners for sale on the internet. The best part is taking your pick from the selection of quotes available. You can hang ‘trick-or-treat’ banners outside the door, and use that as a marking post for kids out and about on that day. And of course, you can also have them indoors over your candy station if you’re going to be throwing Halloween parties.

#2 Halloween Wreaths

Image Credit: Amazon

You didn’t think wreaths were just for Christmas and Thanksgiving, did you?

Wreaths are for all seasons. And dare we say, even Halloween wall decorations are in need of a few wreaths to add to the accents every now and then. A quick scour through the world wide web can yield results like this spectacular wreath made of glittering orange baubles, gray netting, and black leaves.

#1 Halloween Wall Art

The Halloween Doll

We’re a site that sells wall art. Of course, this is our top #1 pick.

But that’s not the only reason either.

We all know how wall art is very handy for every occasion. And Halloween is no exception. If you’ve been reading our blogs for the past few days, you can totally tell that this is part of what we’ve been leading up to all along. Aside from that sale we’ve got, there’s also our Halloween wall art collection to think about.

You can take your pick from there, or customize your very own Halloween wall art to hang over prized furniture in the party room.

Check out canvas prints that are more than just a celebration of Halloween. It encompasses Day of the Dead too

The Sugar Skull Girl

Or better yet, remind you of iconic movie scenes.

Does this look familiar?

Hogwarts’ School

To Finish

As we’ve said, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your own Halloween wall decorations. But hopefully, with these ideas, you can come up with even better interior decor than just the traditional swathe of fake cobwebs and ornamental skulls.

Now, let’s get decorating!

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