6 Creative Places in the House to Hang Halloween Wall Art

Everyone who’s ecstatic about celebrating the spookiest day of the year is all about decking the house not with boughs of holly. But with decorations that are just plain scary. Finding the most creative places in the house to hang Halloween wall art is sometimes the least of people’s worries.

But it’s definitely a step in the right direction if you don’t know where to start.

Finding Places in the House to Hang Halloween Wall Art

Getting the house ready for Halloween is a task that will require commitment and a lot of planning. This is even more apparent if you’re planning to throw a giant Halloween party.

Regardless, even if you’re just planning to deck the house to be spooky enough for trick-or-treaters, or really throwing a spooky party, check out the place in the house to hang Halloween wall art that we’ve listed down.


To start, take a look around your home to uncover unique spots that could use a festive touch, and would look great with dots and splashes of Halloween decor. The space under the stairs, the wall above accent tables in the entryway, lampshades, etc are all fair game.

#1 Staircases

Day of the Dead Face

Staircases are great places to hang Halloween gallery walls. It’s the perfect place to get super creative with your asymmetrical arrangements. Hang up unique wall knick-knacks, party posters, and even pieces of single canvas wall art. Don’t forget to add the pumpkins on alternating stair steps. Go creative with black paper shaped like spiders or as borders if you want.

#2 Couch or sofa

If it’s an open floor plan, Halloween decorations can masquerade as couch or sofa accents, like a pillow. It’s as simple as muslin strips around couch pillows. Or if the sofa is situated against the wall, then the empty space above is the perfect place to hang Halloween-themed wall art. You can choose from an array of multi-panel wall art to decorate the space above the wall.

#3 Bookshelves

Bookshelves that are mostly clean or sparse deserve spooky elements occupying it — at least for the holiday. You can add wall art here too, or framed goodies of spooky pictures. Don’t hesitate to hang cobwebs and add fake crystal balls, or whatever you think would work for your current room’s aesthetic.

#4 Corners

Is there an empty corner in your house? Then you got the perfect spot to make an eerie vignette. By that, we mean hanging wall art or two and then decking the ceiling with witchcraft decor. Maybe even prop a few broomsticks of hanging witch hats for some simple Halloween decorations. What’s even better? It takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

#5 Accent tables

Hogwarts’ School

Accent tables are prominent in homes with hallways. Or if you have a modest entryway, then you probably have an accent table there too — for decoration and for storing important things. It’s one of the best places in the house to hang Halloween wall art and deck out with all sorts of spooky goodies.

Medium-sized Halloween wall art would look great for a modestly-sized accent table. Don’t forget to hang Halloween streamers or spooky frames.

#6 Fireplace mantel

There’s no better place to hang gorgeous Halloween wall art pieces than the focal point that a fireplace mantel can provide. To complete that look and occupy the small space between wall art, search the house or the nearest thrift store for old books, vintage accessories, and dark candles. Don’t forget to add Halloween-specific accents like skeletons or brooms.

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