7 Easy Home Decorating Ideas for the Summer

Home decorating ideas for the Summer are so much fun. And that’s primarily because you have the perfect excuse to update your home’s decor.

If you’re one of those people who are real particular about keeping their home stylish and freshly upkept, then shaking up the interior design once in a while is a really good idea for you.


Except… The thing about Summer is that it takes you in and out of the house.

That means you’ll be getting involved with more than just interior design. If you have a nicely-sized backyard and a patio to go with it, it’s a good idea to decorate that too.

But the thing is, you don’t have to spend loads of money just to decorate your home for the summer. You might find accessories lying around the house; or pick up some stuff from a budget-friendly accessories shop.

So without further ado, let’s get to the decorating.

#1 Give the room a nautical feel

Image Credit: GooDSGN

The best summer decorating ideas jump straight out of inspiration from the seashore. You can find various nautical decor around the house or in budget-friendly stores near you.

You can turn your house into a beach house with rich blue rugs, a wooden bench coupled with shades of blue cushions, and seafoam drapes. Experiment with shades of blue and white. Or pick up ship-themed relics from your local thrift store.

#2 Bust out the travel photos

Image Credit: Icing & Glitter

Freshen up the space and get yourself hyped for all new Summer travels. Home decorating ideas for the Summer aren’t complete without framing and hanging up your favorite travel photos in the past.

What’s even better?

This is a neat decorating trick that saves you money and when you’re hosting home gatherings, you got something ridiculously easy to talk about.

#3 Decorate with greenery

Image Credit: TD-Universe

Add organic appeal to every corner of your home by planting a few summer plants. It’s not quite complete without green stuff — like succulents in a large shell. These cute plants last for a long time, and don’t really require much effort to keep alive.

There’s your perfect addition to a summery table setting in the dining room. It also looks good perched on top of end tables.

#4 Store the heavy drapes

Image Credit: Summer Thornton Design

For the summer, store away the heavy drapes and opt for airier window covers instead. Even blinds could do the trick. What you want is to let in as much natural light as possible. It brings cheer to the home and a lighter feel for everyone.

#5 Update your wall decor

Blue Ocean, Sky and Beaches
Beach and Ocean Wall Art

Store the winter-themed or autumn-themed wall arts in the attic, and it’s time to fill the space with wall art or wall decor that stays true to the pulses of summer.

Summer-themed wall art is easy to get. You can find them a lot of them here.

#6 Decorate porches, patios, and your outdoors

Image Credit: Trespasalon

The warm weather and the few extra hours of sunlight brought to you by the summer months makes home decorating ideas for the summer quick and easy.

They’re your perfect excuse to set up a dining table in the front porch or have a picnic in the yard. Get a few planters on the porch and a few wooden chairs to complete the look.

#7 Go for night lights

Image Credit: Homelovr

Embody a perfect barbecue night and highlight all the right things with a few tastefully strung up lights. You can string paper lanterns if you have trees in the backyard, or decorate your patio with a few cozy lamps.

There’s Nothing Like Home Decorating Ideas for the Summer

Don’t alienate yourself from the rest of the summer. Now’s the perfect time to bring the feels indoors. Bring the colors of summertime right inside the home.

And what’s even better is because you now have an easier time finding the perfect art pieces to update your wall decor.

That’s because Panel Wall Art is hosting a Summer Sale that lets you have $50 off of exclusive items.

Time to shop!

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