How To Arrange Wall Art Like A Pro

Usually, those who are intrigued by the timeless elegance of art galleries try to decorate their own homes with some art they love to display. However, most people who do this tend to make a mess. Instead of a home looking like an elegant art gallery, it turns out to be completely different.

It is a professional artist and not as simple as it might appear to others to arrange art in the manner of art galleries. There are a variety of strategies to view wall art for the best effect, as well as a wide range of wall art to count on. Learn the few useful tips to decorate your home with artwork:


In the synchronization of the space, the size of the works of art will play a vital role. Wall art should not, generally speaking, be larger than the furniture in the room. However, you can show it on a wall that is otherwise the basis of other decorative pieces and does not have any furniture in front of it that will block its view, considering the circumstance that there is an especially large art piece.

It is important to ensure that there is enough room in front of the large artwork so that individuals can view it comfortably and absorb the entire effect of the image. 3-panel wall art or five-panel canvas art is perfect for a big blank wall to create a focal point. It might be a good idea to hang art over fireplaces, but you need to ensure that the heat does not end up destroying it.



Color is a very important consideration that needs to be taken into account when arranging the art, regardless of whether you are buying art simply because its color goes very well with the decor of your living room or just because you happened to fall in love with it or even to add to a specific set you own.

For example, vibrantly colored geometric art might not be the perfect option in the bedroom where a calming atmosphere is required. Color plays a vital role in defining the atmosphere of the room. Likewise, art in soft pastel tones would be completely inappropriate to show in the children’s room where they would like to see a very vibrant and happy atmosphere.


Most individuals prefer to install artworks too high or too low, preventing them from being completely appreciated. The misconception almost always stems from the fact that it is commonly recommended that art should be hung at eye level. However, not much attention is paid to determining whether the eye level should be that of a sitting or standing human.

The rule to follow is for art in living rooms or drawing rooms where people are supposed to be seated; you can install the art at the eye level of a person who is seated, but the best position to hang the art is in a standing position at the eye level for other areas such as hallways, stairs, etc.


When decorating spaces with wall art, it is really important to provide a sense of balance. If the distribution is distorted and all the art is arranged on a single wall, it will undoubtedly distract from the attractiveness and comfort of the space, leaving the others empty. Remember to spread the art you have over all the available surfaces in a balanced manner but without producing a clutter.

Due to the existence of doors and windows, the room’s equilibrium may also be affected, so be sure to take these into account as well. There are no scientific calculations to demonstrate what is right; you will just have to rely on your artistic sense to tell you when you have reached a harmonious balance. Many leading home furnishing brands offer a lot of good advice on their websites about striking the right balance with wall decor.


Works of art owe a great deal to their lighting effects. Even if you have a masterpiece hanging on your wall, if it’s poorly lit, people won’t be able to appreciate its magnificence. Bathing the image with too much light, on the other hand, will wash out the subtle color variations that might be present and dazzle the eyes so much that viewers can not notice the beauty of wall art.

The right balance of lighting to your artwork must create a big difference in your room and your canvas’s image.


Knowing the proper way of arranging wall art into your home makes everything right, from your furniture, wall space to your chosen wall art. If you ready to start decorating your place, browse Panel Wall Art’s collection today. Arrange your wall art like a pro with these tips!

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