How to Bring Nature Indoors: 5 Ways to Do It

The world’s just getting busier and busier. As a result, it’s getting more and more difficult to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. But when you know how to bring nature indoors, you have a great way to enjoy the environment in the comfort of your own home.

But make no mistake. This is not us telling you to forego leaving the house for a blissful afternoon walk entirely. Leaving the house to enjoy nature organically is still the best option and is an important part of healthy living.

However, there’s no need for you to just stop there. You can take it to the next level by learning how to bring nature indoors.

How to Bring Nature Indoors

Wanting nature inside our very homes is a natural part of being human. For some of us, there’s nothing more serene or peaceful than being one with nature. Unfortunately, living in the middle of nature, isn’t a luxury that everyone can afford.

We all have our ways to live with nature, but it certainly can’t hurt to know more about how to bring nature indoors.

#1 Use natural materials for furniture

natural furniture

Image Credit: Modsy Blog

Incorporating natural materials in your home decor and furniture is a great start to bringing the environment indoors.

The most popular materials are obviously variations of stone and wood. Try out stone washbasins in the bathroom, granite kitchen countertops, rattan sofas, wooden accent tables, etc.

#2 Incorporating natural floors

Floors that are made of materials like cork, actual wood, or bamboo is also one of the best ways to bring nature indoors. Wood has unique textures that look great in various interior styles. In addition, different kinds of wood have unique grain patterns, and they appear more prominent if the floors contrast the walls.

#3 Allow natural light into the home

natural light

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Natural light does wonders for illuminating the space quite well. So big windows that let in plenty of sunlight is a great idea. Plus, natural light also reduces the chances of you relying too heavily on electrical lights during the day.

Image Credit: Nonagon Style

Add in a couple of mirrors, and you can brighten your interiors significantly while giving nutrition to your houseplants.

Also, if you have the budget, don’t be afraid to include skylights.

#4 Decorate the house with plants and flowers

Which brings me to my second point.

Image Credit: Decorist

Bring in plenty of greenery that you can easily raise inside the house. This is the most common and popular way of letting the environment flourish indoors. It’s one of the things you know first while learning how to bring nature indoors.

Every room in the house can benefit from a little greenery here and there. Even bathrooms aren’t an exception. There are certain types of plants that can thrive in humid environments, and they’d be perfect for this purpose.

#5 Hang biophilic wall art

A simple search through the internet will reveal that there’s a lot of nature-themed wall art available for purchasing.

Your favorite wall decor can do wonders for personalizing an interior space. Or in this case, bringing nature indoors. Apart from nature-themed wall decor, other themes you can try to go for include: wall art of forest and trees, seascape canvas art, landscape canvas wall art, etc.

All these themes are just a few examples, but they can contribute considerably to making your home feel extra nature-friendly.

But above all, don’t forget to get wall art that matches the rest of your decor. Keep everything cohesive.

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