How to Choose Wall Art for Your Home

If your walls feel a little sad, stunning wall art, such as canvas or framed prints, is the ideal way to get your room together. It also brings character and elegance to your home that your current decor may miss. Choosing wall art for your gallery, on the other hand, can not come quickly to you unless you’re an interior designer, and it may be a little overwhelming at first. That is why we compiled the best wall art guide for your home to make you feel sure that you have chosen a suitable masterpiece.

Things To Consider in Choosing A Wall Art

1. Size matters

If the canvas is stunning, something may feel wrong if the scale isn’t appropriate for your room. If it’s too little, it’ll feel empty; if it’s too large, it’ll feel crowded. So, before you choose your wall art, keep the following essential sizing guidelines in mind:

How to choose wall art? wall art should occupy between 50% and 75% of the total wall space, whether it’s an empty hallway wall or a blank wall over furniture like your sofa, bed, or fireplace. There’s a good chance it’ll be a considerable gap to fill, so when in doubt, go high.

If you don’t want to commit to just one large piece, creating a gallery wall with a few smaller pieces is a perfect and eye-catching option. Allow your wall art to breathe by hanging it 6 to 12 inches above the top of the furniture.

2. Let your personality shine

You deserve a home that feels authentic to you, which is why it’s critical to choose wall art that reflects your one-of-a-kind personality. Rather than buying off-the-shelf products, personalize your room by making custom, meaningful canvas prints of your favorite memories or most fantastic travel photos. You may also incorporate some style to your wall art by mixing and matching frames and canvas prints in a gallery wall. It would make a one-of-a-kind collage print, seeing the bigger picture with a panoramic print, or just choosing a portrait that incorporates your favorite colors or hobbies.

3. Match the room style

If you want your wall art to fit in, an easy way to pick it is to adapt it to the style and feel of the space. If you have contemporary furniture, abstract sculpture, a family photo, or a bold piece will look great. If your home is more bohemian or rustic, use warmer, earthy colors for your favorite travel pictures or any stunning landscape photographs.

4. Select a theme

Another fantastic and enjoyable way to choose wall art is to create a theme for your bed. Do you want to go for a vivid, tropical beach theme? Then a canvas print of a family beach holiday will be ideal. Do you want a more specific and more sophisticated theme? Then a framed black and white wedding shot could be your best bet.

It would help if you also experimented with tuning the wall art to the seasons. For example, instead of a beach family picture, try a cozy landscape shot of autumn leaves in the fall. Seasonal wall art is a simple way to ensure that your furniture is in sync with the season’s vibes and mood.

5. Find the right color

As a general color guideline, you can choose an art piece that will complement your space without detracting from any design features. However, this does not exclude you from selecting provocative pieces or challenging the status quo; however, it is best first to consider how you want to bring color into your house. Here are several common ways to experiment with wall art color:

Stick to a similar paint scheme and wall decor that fits the room’s color palette to keep it clean and unified.

To get opposite flashes of red, use the color wheel to choose contrasting colors. Use the same paint scheme but in various colors. A light green and white canvas print, for example, looks stunning against a dark green wall.

Keep your wall art’s colors in proportion to their appearance in the room. For example, if the room is beige and navy with yellow throw pillows, choose wall art in beige and navy with a hint of yellow.

Why Choose A Living Room Artwork

Art is an opportunity for self-expression

Consider the walls to be a blank canvas as a fun way to show off your personality through color, topic, and composition. And it is also what we want to put on our walls that give a room a distinct personality.

That’s the lovely thing about art: it reflects how intimate and unique telling the story of your home is. It exists to remind us of where we’ve been, what we want, and to represent the beauty we seek.

With that in mind, it is critical to recognize that selecting living room artwork is a more natural process than you can believe, and no one is better suited to share your story than you. However, you can take a few realistic steps to steer your purchase better and make it a profitable investment.

Consider your available wall space

The first step in selecting wall art is deciding the kind of real estate you have. Now is the time to get the tape measure if you want to get the sizing exactly right. Look for large-scale art if you have an enormous wall to fill or want one statement piece to anchor your gallery. These pieces have the potential to make a massive difference in a space!

Consider a gallery wall if you have a big or small wall to fill and want to put many works of art into the room. Combining complementary patterns and shades is a brilliant place to start. Assessing what is actually in your space—style, color, and pattern themes—can also assist you in deciding what would work best on your gallery wall.

Smaller frames are ideal for adding visual appeal to a more intimate room or finishing off a corner or nook.

Consider your existing decor

Until buying new wall art for a particular room, take inventory of the existing decor and furniture. Rich or vibrant art may be a perfect way to add interest to a largely neutral space. Alternatively, if you already have a lot of color, texture, and pattern, opt for simpler, more muted painting.

Pair complementary styles + colors together

Our wall art is organized by theme to help you find items that appeal to you. You can mix up styles whether you choose to be daring or stick to a genre that sounds good to you. Think art that is sold as a pair to make it much more manageable.

There is no fixed formula for grouping art, so enjoy the process of experimenting with something different in your space!

This extensive collection contains items suitable for any room and style. We hope you find something here that you like, giving your home a new sense of fun and purpose.

How To Choose Wall Art for Your Living Room

Full coverage

In this living room by Raji RM, a wall-to-wall mural induces a feeling of privacy, as though you’re watching a painting alone in a gallery. The scale itself takes your breath away, while the approachable materials used in the room tone it down for a more approachable feel.

Set the mood

This foyer modeled by Anthony Baratta is the ideal model to pursue if you want to decorate a formal entrance that yet looks unfussy and cozy. Patterned textiles take center stage (see the carpets and sofa), but they help get the high ceilings down to a human scale when hungover wallpaper.

Shrink it down

Miniatures are just too cute to be held in a dollhouse. Show some tiny framed paintings in the bedroom for a discreet and cheeky gallery wall. The standard gilt frames are an unexpected delight in this Jae Joo-designed gallery.

Paint straight on the walls

A prominent abstract figure is drawn directly onto the walls in this chic, minimalist apartment bedroom styled by Crosby Studios. It stretches from the wall to the ceiling, giving the space a more refined and entire feel while remaining organic.

Light it up

Install a sconce over your artwork and bring it in the spotlight. Interior designer Jean Liu let this lovely painting dictate the color scheme for the whole room, tempering its bursts of blue with neutral tones and plenty of gritty texture.

Consider thinking in three dimensions

A three-dimensional wall sculpture will enliven a whole space. Delia Kenza Interiors wisely decided to hang this abstract beauty above the fireplace mantel, where the eye is instinctively attracted. It is shielded from the highly trafficked paths of the room.

Think in 3D

You can put your art on the wall and call it a day, or you can take extra care in selecting the perfect backdrop for an even more significant effect. For comparison and a sense of playfulness, the inimitable Miles Redd juxtaposed contemporary artwork with a traditional mural wall covering.

Nobody wants to spend their whole day staring at a blank wall, which is why wall painting is such an essential aspect of the decorating process. The rest is simple until you start brainstorming (unless there are too many great ideas to choose between). We’ve got plenty of wall art ideas to inspire your imagination, from gallery walls to DIY pieces like framing your accessories and large-scale photography. And what other place to find great ideas than on interior designer-decorated walls? Read on to find out which wall decor ideas and galleries you’d like to replicate in your own home.

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