How to Decorate Empty Corners in Your Living Room?

If you’ve been looking for ways to decorate your living room but haven’t found a way to make those empty corners feel warm and inviting, we have some ideas that will work perfectly. These are sure-fire ways to fill up those empty spaces, from the perfect rug placement to color schemes that won’t overwhelm the room. We offer great tips and tricks that will help transform the space into a beautiful area where guests can enjoy themselves while visiting your home.

In the living room, there are many different ideas for art. You could have a sculpture on display or use that space as an opportunity to create something new, like window seats and offices looking out onto views outside.

Here are some living room decoration ideas to fill those awkward, empty spaces.

Create Cosy Window Seat

The window is a great spot to use as both decoration and seating. If your living room’s corners come close, build out some niche or nook under that particular windowsill for extra storage in an exciting way.

A window seat is one of those luxuries with such a calming spirit. It’s the most effective way to make your living room’s empty corner feel like it belongs in this world and not just an extra piece among many other pieces of furniture on display or waiting for some future home renovation project.

Illuminate Empty Floor Corners

The most important aspect of interior design is the lighting. It’s about having different light sources at various levels so that your room’s illumination can be spread and customized for any desired effect – whether you want an atmosphere or just some extra ambiance in your personal space.

Floor lamps are a great way to fill empty corners in your living room with light and make it feel more comfortable. They can act like artwork, so you don’t have just one function from this piece of furniture – it’s both beautiful while also providing illumination.

If you have an awkward corner close to a sofa, your floor lamp puts the seating in the spotlight. If you’ve chosen to put furniture or art there, though, and light it up as well, then we can help with that too.

Every corner of your living room is capable of being lit with unique and perfect lighting. A table lamp above a feature side table, picture wall light over your decoration, or low hung pendant can illuminate sculptures on plinths while also making it seem like there’s always something interesting going on in every direction you look.

Turn that Corners into a Wall art

If you have an awkward corner close to a sofa, your floor lamp puts the seating in the spotlight. If you’ve chosen to put furniture or art there, though, and light it up as well, then we can help with that too.

You can take an ordinary room and transform it by taking your art into the corner. The unexpected will make people pay attention, not only in regards to how interesting you are but also because this isn’t something that they would expect from where these pieces live every day.

It is a great way to liven up any room. Painting the walls in your living space with related art will give it more life and character than using one color all over.

Include an Extra Furniture Arrangement

Make the most of your floor space by having specific living room corner furniture. If you’ve already decided how many seats will be in each couch section, and have an empty spot ready for a side table or coffee set, then it’ll be more accessible when guests come over.

If your space is smaller still, even an accent table topped with a lamp vase or ornament should be worth thinking about. Redefining your living room layout can make it feel like a brand-new space. Be creative and think about how you could zone in some furniture that fits the new style of décor, or maybe repaint one wall to give everything an altogether different look.

A cozy corner of your living room is the perfect spot to spend time in. If you’ve got ample space and want something that feels intimate, consider adding another sofa or chair for friends who come over often.

Create Greeny Corners with Natural Light

Greenery is a fantastic way to breathe life into any room, and it’ll work no matter how much floor space you’ve got. A little greenery can go an incredibly long way when trying not only to add curb appeal but also make your home feel more lived in.

When it comes time to spruce up your sitting room with plants, choose greenery instead of flowers. A large-leaf plant in a textured rattan basket will make for an exciting display that’s sure not to be forgotten about.

The humble olive or bay tree is an excellent choice for limited space. One way you can make the most out of your indoor garden without overpopulating it and making things feel cluttered, think about hanging up terrariums so that their greenery floats down from above into one corner.

Create a Small Ideal Workspace

Creating an office in the corner is one way to make your living room feel like more than just a space for socializing. A mini-home office can serve as this little sanctuary, giving you some much-needed privacy from family members or friends who might encroach on what should be personal time at home.

You can design a modern, minimalist space with just one writing desk and an occasional chair. Pairing these pieces makes it easier on the eyes in more ways than one.

Best Canvas Sizes for your Home

If you’re looking for the perfect way to display your artwork, then picking out frames is an important step. These miniature art pieces can make any room in our home feels celebrated with care and attention.

10″ x 8″ Canvas Prints

If you’re looking to add some color and life to your home, a 10 “x8” canvas is an excellent place for it. You can use these paintings on the wall in galleries or even sit down at desks.

Choose to print beautiful photos of your travels, family holiday gatherings, and more. The medium size also makes these canvas prints great for giving as gifts.

10″ x 14″ Canvas Prints

Opt for 10 “x14” canvases if you have a print or piece of artwork that looks best matted to upgrade to the next level. This size canvas is also large enough to accommodate an 8-piece photo collage – which means it’s perfect when used as part wall decor and part art display.

12″ x 12″ Canvas Prints

The 12 “x12” canvas is the perfect size for displaying a large photo, and it looks great with either one or multiple small images. If you have limited wall space, this may be an excellent option.

You can create a focal point in your living room to make it feel more inviting and comfortable by using decorative items. Why not fill them with small 5 panel wall art pieces if you have empty corners? It will help break up the space while adding visual interest. A canvas art print is an excellent option because it is versatile enough for indoor and outdoor display options. We offer many different sizes of prints that come ready to hang on their wooden frame.

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