How to Decorate Home With Minimalist Ideas

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a popular art movement that emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s. During this time, the art world saw a major change, especially among younger artists whose works actively rejected and moved away from abstract expressionism.

The art movement was genuinely groundbreaking in its day. It saw artists concentrating on showcasing the very true essence of the medium and material to shape the art itself. It was considered an extension of abstract art; minimalism eliminates all basic forms in order to reveal the simplicity and beauty of the object of art.

It is a genre that has been commonly associated with conceptual art, which was highly radical in that it questioned pre-existing frameworks for creating, displaying and understanding art. With minimalist artists concentrating mainly on the surface of the canvas and the aesthetic quality of the materials, their work has been closely connected to notions of reality and authenticity.

Minimalism in interior design is a common trend right now, but we think there’s something to tell about the “laws” of minimalism. To have a room considered small, you should do more than just paint all four white walls and put one chair in it. Intentional objects may add character to something else, for lack of a better term, lifeless space. You can always have a personality and, at the same time, be a minimalist!

Minimalism does not mean that space must remain empty. Dial back the quantity and improve the consistency of the artwork, sculpture, shelving, painting, and other wall decoration that you use in your home. Make use of these tips to design something extraordinary and start decorating the walls of your minimalist home with less chaos!

Focus on color

Color changes the way how your home looks. Color is a go-to when you want to add color to your home. Paint a wall in bold color if you want to make it the main attraction in a room, or use a softer, neutral color if you’re planning to add art. Wall art is a great way to add color and can really tie a room together when used to compare colors to other elements, such as furniture and rugs. To create personality into your wall, adding artwork can greatly change the whole scene.

Below are examples of minimalist art that you can add to your wall.


Focus on texture

A textured wall can create a focal point on your wall, and sometimes only little items are required. Wood, brick, stone, board, and batten or other wall add-ons may all add a touch of decoration without the need for long-term maintenance such as that needed by furniture. If a wall of texture seems a little daunting, another choice is to use textured wall hangings or try a fun wall decor.

Focus on shape

A space with little personality can be easily hit by playing with the shapes on the wall. Shelving made in fun shapes can be both functional and decorative at the same time, which is a bonus for minimalists. Try these DIY “honeycomb” or “hexagonal geometric frame” shelves if you have a way out with the tools. Sculpture, books, and small plants are also perfect ways to add life inside the shelves and to the wall.


Focus on contrast

Contrasting colors, textures, and forms attract the eye with minimal effort. A large mirror against a wall, a vibrant painting in neutral colors, or a wall-hanging with bold designs on a white background are all easy ways to add decorative contrast to your walls.

Focus on size

The size of your painting, furniture and other items is important in creating a minimalist style. If you have a lot of space, one of the best ways to fill it is with something huge, whether it’s a painting, a mirror, shelving, or a TV. If a single art piece doesn’t appeal to you, consider selecting a selection of smaller pieces, but keep the collection small to keep it in line with minimalism.

Check these collections of minimalist paintings from Panel Wall Art, and maybe this might work well in your home.


Focus on meaning

Instead of decorating your walls with something different, take a look at some of the boxes you may have of family heirlooms and photos. Consider enlarging and framing photos, hanging handmade quilts, or putting other sentimental artifacts on clear shelves. Adding your most meaningful things showcase who you are but also let your personality show up.

Going minimalist can be tricky, but once you have followed some of the ideas above, your home can achieve the minimalist style you dream of. By adding sculptures, plants, books, pillows, hanging art, and painting, plus knowing how to mix and match all of them to your home, you can add pop to your lifeless space.

For more canvas wall art designs in your minimalist place, check our collections!

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