How To Hang a Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art makes our home feel alive with the color it brings. If you plan to buy wall art, this tutorial will show you how to hang wall art correctly for the first time, whether you are hanging an art set or a statement piece. In this tutorial, all of the techniques we outline are beneficial for hanging some wall art.

Hanging Method

You need to work out the right hanging system after you’ve decided where you think you’d like to hang your wall art. The typical hammer and nail approach is the first picture hanging technique that could come to mind, but that might not necessarily be the right option for your walls. Without the need to use nails, there are many options to hang wall art.


When doing the least amount of damage to your wall, the scale of your wall art, as well as the material of your wall, will decide what hanging techniques will be more successful. Below, with various wall art sizes and wall materials, we detail many different hanging techniques, so you can learn about how to hang artwork on a wall.

Hanging Canvas Wall Art on Drywall

Hanging something on drywall without a stud behind it might be a failure without the right hanging hardware, even the lightest of picture frames. You will need to know how to use drywall anchors to hang photographs or canvas wall art on drywall without it caving under the weight.

Better than regular screws, drywall anchors grip drywall and can carry loads of 10-50 lbs. Drywall anchors are the solution if you are curious about mounting a heavy photo or large wall art. Expansion anchors and threaded anchors are the two most common forms of drywall anchors for wall art.

Steps on Hanging Canvas Wall Art on Drywall

Step 1: Drill a hole about the same diameter as the tip of the drywall anchor into the wall where you would like to position the anchor.

Step 2: Mount the drywall anchor, so the wall is precisely flush. You’ll need to use a hammer to gently tap it into the wall if you have extension anchors. Using the power drill to screw it into the wall to mount a threaded anchor like a normal screw,

Step 3: In the drywall anchor opening, use your power drill to mount a screw, so it feels snug in the anchor.

Hanging Canvas Wall Art on Plaster

Couple hanging a painting

For traditional wall art hanging techniques, the old-fashioned hammer and nail, hard and brittle plaster walls may pose a challenge. Fortunately, the approach to how to hang artwork without destroying them on plaster walls is clear. Only dig the fingernail hole first using an electric drill. Make sure to dig the hole at a higher angle to pounded into the stud behind the wall.

To know the steps, just follow the steps mentioned above.

Hanging Canvas Wall Art on Brick Walls

Hanging canvas wall art on brick presents a particular challenge that involves its own unique collection of hanging hardware to avoid injury. It will rely on your brick’s hardness and intactness to know exactly how to hang artwork on bricks in your house.

Before you drill the wall, install brick clips to keep tight to the brick edges that protrude from the wall. Brick clips are better if the bricks of your wall are largely intact; brick clips would have less to grip if the edges of the bricks are chipped or fragile.

Consider using rough wall hangers, small hooked hangers that are mounted with a set of very small nails, otherwise. Since the nails of these hangers are so thin, unless your brick is unusually rough, they are unlikely to weaken your brick as they are pounded into it.


Drilling into your brick is an alternative, but a dangerous one, if you’re eager for a more heavy-duty image hanging solution. You’re going to need a high duty hammer drill and a bit of a masonry drill. If necessary, before you try drilling into the bricks, we suggest drilling into the mortar between the bricks. Mortar damage can be restored much more quickly than brick damage. If you like to switch the wall art around regularly, this is really important. The method is pretty easy if you’re curious about how to dig into bricks. Below are the steps.

Steps on Hanging Canvas Wall Art on Brick Walls

Step 1: Dig very carefully through your chosen point on the mortar or brick using your hammer drill fitted with a masonry drill until you have a large hole that is large enough to accommodate a plastic masonry anchor.

Step 2: Push the plastic brick anchor into the hole gently or pound, if you find any resistance until it is flush with the wall.
Step 3: Install a screw into the plastic anchor until it is secure in place using a normal screwdriver.

Hanging Canvas Wall Art

There are many common approaches for hanging art from the canvas. No matter the hanging process, the most important you’ll need is a level. After all your hanging work, you don’t want your canvas art to end up crooked.

Using adhesive strips is the least destructive procedure on how to hang canvas wall art. Smaller canvases are lightweight, and using velcro or adhesive strips will be easy to mount.

Otherwise, on nails hammered into a wall, you may hang canvas painting. You should mount wired sawtooth brackets or eye hooks on the back of the canvas as well. These added pieces will encourage you to secure your canvas art on regular wall hooks instead of nails.

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