How To Hang Canvas Panels


Do you have a good set of canvas paintings, but your walls are still empty? It’s time to determine when and how to hang 5 piece canvas art to showcase your thrilling antique store finds, online shopping sales, and custom canvas print or painting creations. A canvas will stand out on its own or in a gallery exhibition with other wall art pieces.

Once you’ve chosen where you want them to go, the next move is to hang them on your wall. Next, remember the scale of the canvas. The best thing about prints on canvas is that they are usually light in weight, regardless of scale.

How To Hang 3 Piece Canvas Art

Take into account how to hang 3 piece canvas, the kind of wall you will be dealing with. If the walls are made of brick or concrete, you can think about different hang-wall art. If your walls are all drywall, then check out our list of the most common ways to hang canvas wall art.

Essential Tools For Hanging A Canvas

Many of the strategies discussed below would necessitate the use of simple equipment. You may already have some of these at home, but if not, you can pick them up at the nearest hardware store.

  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Spirit level
  • Hammer
  • Wall protector pads
  • Tape measure

Essential Tips For Hanging A Canvas

Here are nine pointers that will make the procedure simpler from start to finish and can be extended to any method:

  1. Until hanging, still, wipe the wall with a damp cloth.
  2. Know your canvas’s dimensions, particularly the center points.
  3. You will want to measure the area where you want the canvas to be viewed.
  4. Determine the desired distance between the ceiling, floor, and side objects. We propose hanging the canvas between 56 and 60 inches from the board and eight to ten inches over a piece of furniture.
  5. Make an ‘X in the middle with a pencil to help lead you.
  6. Try pushing chairs or objects out of the way if possible to improve maneuverability.
  7. To cover the paint and prevent marks on the wall, use stick-on wall pads on the backside of the canvas.
  8. Hang and focus on the canvas.
  9. Level the surface until it is smooth.

How To Hang 5 Piece Canvas Art

Congratulations, the artwork has arrived! You would be ecstatic to see that up on the wall. We know how you felt; we’d feel the same way! So it’s finally time to mount your latest multi-panel canvas wall decor, and we’ve got this simple step-by-step tutorial to help you do it expertly!

As you might have seen, our artwork is ready to hang and includes a sawtooth hanger. That’s because we want to make decorating your wall as fast and straightforward as possible!

So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get this party started!

Follow These Steps

If you closely follow these temporary measures, you’ll get your gorgeous artwork up on your wall in no time!


Often begin with the center column (usually the largest one). To coordinate the other tables, use it as the main focal point. The initial step in arranging your wall art is to measure the dimensions with your tape measure.

First, consider how you plan to hang the photos or gallery-covered split canvas prints. But first, you’d like you to ask yourself a question. Where are you going to hang the wall art? Is it with a nail or a wire?

Will you hang a canvas piece with a nail in the middle or with a taut wire behind the artwork? This placement is the first thing to consider when arranging triptych art or some other kind of art.

Let’s begin with the first possibility. Assume you’re going to hang a three-piece canvas art trio in an even row. And you would hang each piece from a single nail or screw in your wall. The following move is to weigh one of your three-panel wall art sets for your bedroom wall art.

They’re all the same height. Each poster or canvas measures 25″ in height and 15″ in width. For our first case, this keeps it straightforward.

Spread toothpaste

Spread a small amount of toothpaste to the sawtooth hanger’s embossed circle. Next, consider where you want to hang your bedroom wall decor (in inches)

You’ll want to consider the gap between where the nail will be. Also, keep in mind where the edges of the picture would be.

So, if you buy a 25″ x 15″ gallery-wrapped canvas artwork, there could be a one-inch volume of inner construction on the top side. This one-inch portion was used in the overall height calculation. As a result, you’ll need to do some subtraction now.

You’ll need to do some calculations to get your three-panel wall art to look even.

When it comes to hanging three-piece wall art, you must take things slowly. So allow me to break make it easier for you. Even if math isn’t your strong suit (it isn’t mine), you’ll know how to arrange wall art like a pro by the end of this post. Maybe well before that!

Mark the wall

When you press the frame to the wall, the toothpaste will adhere to it. Divide the height by two to find the first equation for hanging your bedroom wall decor.

As a result, the bits are 25″ tall. The middle point of your artwork will be 12.5″ (25 separated by two).

Our line of sight is 60 inches. As a result, the core of your piece should be 60″ from the floor of your apartment. You will hang the first piece using a basic algorithm. There are three easy stages.

Two times the height of your artwork (this is the center point). 25″/2″ = 12.5″

Subtract the additional height from the total height (where you will place your nail) 11.5″ = 12.5″ – 1″
To determine the height to hang your nail, multiply 60 by 60. 71.5” = 11.5” + 60”

This is the method for determining where to hang the first nail: 25″/2″ = 12.5″ -1″ = 11.5″ + 60 + 71.5″

As a result, 71.5 is the location where you can hang the first nail or command strips for one piece. When you hang artwork, you prefer to mark the location with an erasable pencil or painter’s tape.

Drive the nail

Place the nail where the toothpaste is and hammer it into the wall. It would ensure that you are satisfied with the height of the future nail hole. If you have two males, one of them should keep the bedroom wall art up to ensure that you admire the positioning visually.

However, if you’re hanging it above your bed and have a tall headboard, this height may not be enough for your bedroom wall art since it is too close to or below the headboard. As a result, you’ll need to make the requisite changes.

Leave enough space between the panels

You’re still curious how far apart you should hang the panels of your canvas!

Width: We suggest leaving 1 for all templates. “As hung, leave a gap between each panel for the best airy yet tied-together look! If the gap is too large or too small, the split canvas effect will be lost.

Height: The height of the remaining panels is determined by the arrangement you choose. Such layouts are symmetrical, while others mimic a wave of varying heights. Be consistent in general! E.g., suppose you hung the left panel three times. “If the right panel is lower than the middle panel, make sure to hang it in the same proportion. Measure the correct height with a scale and a pencil!



A rep for the remaining panels in an alternative order (middle, left, right, left, right) ensures that the panels are aligned; use your spirit level.

Important tip: To create a unified appearance, keep the spacing between all panels the same.

Multi-panel wall art brings character to the walls and provides a dramatic effect. You should find an immediate difference in your environment as a result of the artwork!

The finished product should be coherent, decorative, and fluid. It’s the most effective way to make the most of a blank wall! When learning how to arrange wall art, it is best to do it right the first time.

Mainly if you’re screwing or nailing something to your wall. You don’t want to speculate and end up with cracks all over the plaster. If you’re hanging one or three pieces of wall art, one thing is sure: measuring is essential.

Many people choose 6-8 inches of space between their furniture and the bottom of three-panel art pieces that they are hanging.

When it comes to hanging three-panel wall art, furniture is significant.

If you want to arrange three wall art pieces over a buffet table, begin with the middle of the furniture. Then, hold the bits about 60 inches in length and experiment with what you want creatively.

Most notably, there are rules to obey when creating dining room wall art or another kind of art. But this is art, and in the art world, laws are also supposed to be broken! So go ahead and style it the way you like.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to bend those laws while hanging two pictures staggered. If you’re hanging art in a child’s room, you’ll want to hang it at their eye level rather than 60 inches.

If you want to arrange three wall art pieces over a buffet table, begin with the middle of the furniture. Then, hold the bits about 60 inches in length and experiment with what you want creatively.

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