Time to Find Out. Are You a Jedi or a Sith?

Let’s do something different this time around… And ask the question: Are you a Jedi or a Sith?

In honor of our ever-deepening obsession for all things Star Wars, here’s something we’ve never done before.


Any fan of George Lucas’ epic saga knows that centuries-old war stretching across the galaxy far far away. And it goes far beyond that world; reaching across the fourth wall like a net.

Know what I’m talking about?

Yep, it’s the consistent struggle between the Sith and the Jedi.

You may know which side you’re on right now. In fact, you may even have pledged to support either cause years and years ago.

But the time has come for you to see for sure…

In these tumultuous years, it’s time to see once again whether time has been kind to your efforts to remain in the path of the Jedi, or has pulled you to the road that leads to the Dark Side.


Let’s figure out the answer to the question: Are you a Jedi or a Sith?

Featured image credit: Wallpaper Safari

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