Let’s explore the different lines in the USA flag

Flag wall art is a popular decoration for home, coffee shop, restaurant and more. Country flags, state flags, sports team flags… Not only that they say about your interests or where you belong, or a mixture of flag artwork symbolizes the origins of your blood and genes. They also show what groups your support. Different kinds of the flags have different meanings. Apart from national flags, here are some of our most popular flag canvas wall art with deep meaning and respects to those who devote their lives to protect the country in different roles. Some of these flag canvas wall art might be great gift to console the family with the loss. Especially when you are not in a position to give any constructive comforting words, these gifts speak it all for you.

Thin Blue Line Wall Canvas

This thin blue line on a flag represents a memorial of an officer killed while he was on duty or a connection related to the police officer’s important role in the society that they spend his/her life risking to protect the people from the bad. It also means a memory and respect to those who are still performing their daily duty as a law enforcer.


Thin Red Line Canvas Wall Art

The red line represents the courage that runs in the firefighters’ blood. The firefighters are forced and trained to face the fear in the most dangerous situation to protect life and property of the others. This canvas wall art decor is often displayed to show respect for the firefighters who were injured or killed in the line of duty.





There are other colours of flags representing different military and officer roles. Such as the green line represents park rangers, border patrol, conservation officers etc. It is very easy for us to relate this green line to those who works and protect the natures and animals. While the thin silver line relates to the officers who work in correctional facilities. The silver line leads us to think of the fences in jails. Life jacket and lifebuoy are in orange and, therefore, the orange line represents search and rescue. Finally the yellow line represents security guards and officers who help in accidents such as Tow Truck Drivers.


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