The Art of How to Match Wall Art With Your Furniture

Choosing the right type of artwork can be a bit of a challenge for most homeowners. There are unending choices, and we understand that settling down on a few pieces is tougher than what any of us first thought. But if you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to figure out how to match wall art with your furniture.

The style, the colors, the size, and your own personal choice are all taken into account when you’re looking to figure out how to match wall art with your furniture.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at a couple of these tips. And you can get started building an aesthetic room all your own.

#1 Considering colors

Sunset from Afar
Sunset from Afar

One of the most common things people get caught up in is choosing colors. To keep it simple, some choose to purchase wall art that matches the wall color. But we don’t think that’s quite the right way to say it. It’s more like choosing the wall art that complements wall color.

The same thing applies when you’re figuring out how to match wall art with your furniture…

Color Palettes
Image Credit: Wow 1 Day Painting

When you pick wall art colors, choose the ones that have a positive effect on you psychologically. And don’t hesitate or be afraid to test out different shades or hues of one color before you make up your mind.

#2 Think of size and scale

Sunset Beach and Waves
Sunset Beach and Waves

The general guideline for choosing wall art is the bigger the better. But deciding on your wall art based on size is dependent largely on the furniture where it’s going to be hanging over. Picking wall art simply because it’s too big or too small is a common mistake.

Image Credit: Pinterest

There are specific rules and sizes to how big or small wall art should be when it’s placed above the sofa, above the bed, or even the fireplace mantel.

You need to think about the overall display as one unit. And if you want to be perfectly safe, you can always go for a gallery wall comprised of medium-sized wall art with small-sized wall art arranged symmetrically all around it.

#3 Get ideas from your interior style

White Lotus
White Lotus

Another thing to think about when you’re figuring out how to match wall art with your furniture is to base it on interior style. For instance, if you have a classical interior design, think about having wall art that’s characterized with gilded and ornate frames.

Or if you have nautical design, think about getting wall art that’s made of wood to complete the seaside themes you’ve got going on.

For a largely modern interior design, you can easily go for contemporary-themed canvas wall art.

Opting for this can really work wonders in tying together space and atmosphere.

#4 Try mixing and matching

Color Rave
Color Rave

If you want to keep it even more exciting, play with contrast. By that, we mean, don’t hesitate to mix and match certain items. As we’ve said before, matching completely isn’t the only way to go. You can also “match” by choosing complements or contrasts.

For instance, a splash of modern wall art would look great in a very traditional room. Or sometimes a contemporary interior design can do with a little realism painting framed in gilded gold.

So mix colors and themes so you avoid getting stuck in a rut.

#5 Go for neutral when you’re unsure

Purple Flower (Black)
Purple Flower (Black)

If you want some sort of magical cure-all for everything if you just can’t decide, go with black-and-white wall art. Neutrals are called ‘neutrals’ for a reason. And that’s because they naturally work well with any interior style. The only options you need to think about is the decision of frame or no-frame.

Learning How to Match Wall Art with Your Furniture

Finding the right art pieces to decorate those large blank walls can be a bit of a pain. But remember that whether you finally settle on something expensive, cheap, mass-produced, bought online, etc., purchase what you love.

Wall art is a great form of self-expression within the walls of your personal territory — your own home. So give it some thought and some care, and make sure you pick the right one to satisfy your aesthetic senses.

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