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Top 3 Mid-century-themed Wall Decor for Mid-century Interior Design

Mid-century appeal is timeless. It’s two decades into the second millennium, but the mid-century interior design continues to be more popular than ever. This is an interior style that arrived in the 1950s, and it’s an aesthetic that has endured. That’s why we’ve got our top 3 mid-century-themed wall decor.

Today, people are still very much intrigued by this look, influenced by modern art, architecture, and of course, the budding age of technology.

Our Top 3 Mid-century-themed Wall Decor

Everyone wants to make the rooms of a house beautiful. Today, lots of people incorporate mid-century furniture, decor, and wall art into their homes, especially in the living room. But the other rooms of the house aren’t exempt, of course.

If you want to complete your mid-century interior style, it helps to understand the more popular pieces of the day and their inspiration. Think straight lines, gentle curves, and an overall minimalistic feel. You can incorporate this without needing to overhaul everything that you already own and love.

To top off and complete that look, here are Panel Wall Art’s picks for our top 3 mid-century-themed wall decor.

#3 Abstract Canvas Art Prints

When you think mid-century wall decor, think modern wall art that’s very retro. Mid-century interior design focuses a lot on minimalism

Minimalism does not equate to devoiding your house of any form of accessory or decor. Add some abstract wall art to inject a bit of movement and the right kind of vibrancy.

#2 Geometric Canvas Wall Art

Geometry is very mid-century. So are you wondering why our geometric canvas prints are top 2 on this top 3 list? In the 1950s, modern American houses embraced the clean lines of geometric shapes and patterns. Both created a sleek aesthetic that was lovely to behold.

Aside from wall art, do incorporate intersecting lines and modular shapes to add pops of geometry into the space and define a mid-century look.

#1 Feminist Wall Art

Retro and pop art is big on mid-century interior design. And that’s why we’ve deemed our feminist wall art collection to be number 1 when it comes to mid-century-themed wall decor. The designs featured vary from abstract to pop art, which is what you’re going to want to go for.

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