Nautical Interior Design: How to Style Your Seaside Home With Flair

Nautical interior design was one of the biggest interior style trends, and truth be told, it never gets old. That is, if you’re doing it right.

The thing is, nautical interior design can get old real fast. Anchors, boat sails, and a truckload of seashells hanging around your house are probably more appropriate if you find them in the ocean. And not your actual living room, even if you live close to the sea.

There is a way to still incorporate beachy vibes and make your house feel like it’s eternally summer, while not being obvious.

Achieve Nautical Interior Design: 7 Ways to Style Your Seaside Home

Summer isn’t the only time of the year to infuse beach chic and other seaside vibes into the home. You can have it all year-round with a little bit of subtle coastal decor that will serve to remind you and other guests of our beloved ocean waters.

#1 Subtle nautical stripes


Image Credit: Freshome

Forget having wallpapers and rugs with blue and white stripes. That’s way too overt if you’re going for just beachy vibes alone. 

Although blue and white stripes are fresh beach house ideas, better confine them to your throw pillows on a pristine white or cream-colored couch. You can have them as blankets or throws over the bed too. 

Try layering your everyday bedding with a striped blanket or linen striped pillows. Or if you want, a simple footstool or ottoman in striped blue and white would be nice too.

#2 Throw in indigo hues


Image Credit: Architecture Art Designs

The essential color for a beach-themed interior decor is blue. A few shades that are commonly used throughout the years are light blue, seafoam, navy and turquoise. But since we’re going for modern and more coastal looks, try out the lovely shade of indigo. 

It has similarities to navy blue, but it’s richer and more saturated; working well with neutrals and wood tones.

#3 Make use of driftwood


Image Credit: Pinterest

Driftwood is a great and subtle way to incorporate the mood of the beach into the house. Plus, you’d be recycling a lot, so you’re also doing the environment a favor. Driftwood has many uses, and can be turned into wooden wall art, or used as a base or the occasional coffee table.

#4 Beach-themed wall art

To complement your blue hues and other shades of beachy colors, go for great wall decor and home decor with plenty of blues, woven textures, stripes, and other furniture accents. The size of your chosen wall art depends largely on how big your blank wall space is.

And to start off, some collections you could try looking into include our beach and ocean canvas wall art, the seascape canvas prints, and the sunset canvas art. They all feature great designs that would fit into your nautical interior design.

Another least expensive way to decorate is with throw pillows and some indoor plants that are at-home in the beach or blossom during summer.

#5 Other colors apart from blue


Image Credit: House Beautiful

Blue is the most typical color for a beach house-themed interior decor, but if you don’t like blue, there are other colors you can incorporate.

Try out restful beach house vibes inspired by the pale shades of sand. We’re talking cream, beige, ivory, soft pink, and off-white. You can also go for natural wood tones and whites with tropical prints. Lime green also creates a coastal vibe.

#6 Go for white-washed accents


Image Credit: Impressive Interior Design

When we say ‘whitewashing,’ we mean adding a translucent stain of white to an item. The idea is to go for see-through white, and not painted. It looks more natural.

#7 Try two-tone walls


Image Credit: Freshome

Imagine standing at the entrance to the beach. Your line of sight is dominated mostly by stretched bars of sand and then the blue of the ocean water beyond. For this reason, two-tone walls are a hit for homes that go for beach-themed interior decor.

You can paint the walls in two contrasting colors. Or you can have the wallpaper on the upper-half, and a painted lower-half.

The Final Words

The smallest of nautical interior design themed decor can transform your space into a summer vacation getaway. Perhaps even turn it into your very own hotel suite.

So go ahead and pick a color palette inspired by your beautiful environment, incorporate a couple of subtle coastal decor elements, and you’re all set.

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