Notice: 9-22 FEB 2018 (updated)


We have been flooded with orders during our renovation. All orders placed during 9-22Feb have been processed as of 28 Feb 2018.

US orders: Please note that USPS tracking system is currently down. Please check your status again later.

Australia Orders: Please pick up your item at your local post office. As usual, Aust Post does not deliver your item at your doors. 

If your order was placed during 9-22Feb, 2018. You were automatically entitled to a promotional discount offer (read below) even you did not use the coupon during your purchase. The entitled amount has been refunded accordingly to your payment method. This refund process may take 6-8 weeks for your bank to process, please contact your bank for more information. If you think you were entitled to this offer and you did not receive any email about the refund, please contact our team immediately. One of the main reasons is that your email address was not inputted into our system when your order was placed.

Thank you for your support. Our team will continue to strive for excellence in bringing you all with better services, awesome products, unique art design and everything at the lowest prices we can offer. Feel free to contact us anytime for assistance. 

Customer Service Team


Notice for Order Arrangement During 9-22 FEB 2018

Promotional offer during our expansion

We value our customers’ trust towards our products and service. We appreciate the time you take to read through this notice before the placing an order, for the best reason that we would like to eliminate any misunderstanding as much as possible. 

Our store is under expansion and renovation projects from 9-22 FEB 2018. This upgrade and development need is to accommodate our increasing production demand we foresee in the coming years. Our production line of operations will resume on 23 FEB. The next shipment is scheduled on 25 FEB. No production process will be taken place between this period of time. Meanwhile, we are unable to ship any order or to speed up any shipment by expedited shipping at any extra cost. Thank you for your understanding.

We value our customers’ support as much as we hope our customers to treasure this marketplace we built for our community. In any cases – given this shipment delay caused by our internal expansion – that you would like to cancel your order after it has been placed, we are trusting our most valued customers with the best manners and attitudes, please contact us by email to express your concern and request. Our teams are happy to assist you with your needs. 

If you have placed your order (Min. USD100) without using our special coupon SHIP25FEB during this period, this discounted amount (extra 16% discounts) will automatically be refunded to you via your payment method when we fulfilling your shipment with tracking ID.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our store anytime. Customer service and shipment support are still available during this period.

Best Regards,
Andy Hanson

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