6 Popular Wall Art Styles to Decorate Your Home With

When it comes to art, we all hate and we all love something. There will be popular wall art styles that can hold our attention for longer than five minutes. And there are some that we’ll just pass without a second thought.

Whatever the case, popular wall art styles (just like other forms of art) have value, and they can certainly brighten up any home and make it feel more personalized.

If you’re thinking about what to hang up on that large blank space on the wall, consider these popular wall art styles that would look good in any interior decor.

Popular Wall Art Styles that Will Never Get Old

There are things in this world that are just timeless. And art is one of them. Check out these popular wall art styles that never got old. Doesn’t matter that the art style was conceived centuries ago. They still work, and are still very much enthralling.

#1 Abstract

Abstract is the trickiest! If you’re a literal person, abstract paintings are complicated things to wrap your head around. That’s because abstract wall art doesn’t necessarily depict anything real. Not people, not places, and not even things.

To achieve its purpose, abstract artists make use of forms, colors, shapes, and gestural marks like the stroke of a brush or buckets of paint splashed on canvas.

#2 Impressionist

Considered as the first modern movement in painting, Impressionism art was first developed as a formal art practice during the 1860s in Paris. Right before it spread throughout Europe and the United States.

You can tell it’s Impressionism art when you see how much it celebrates the use of light and brushwork to convey the essence of a subject. In a nutshell, it tells a story without relying too much on realistic depictions.

#3 Pop Art

Pop art first emerged in the 1950s. But it’s still so fun to look at today. It’s a cute addition to a teenager’s room and definitely gives off that vintage vibe. It often uses imagery pertaining to pop culture or mass media — like news, advertising, comic books, and movie stars. It’s one of the best popular wall art styles that can incorporate that pop of color you need.

#4 Modern

Modern art usually covers works from the 1860s to the 1970s. It strays from the traditional techniques and styles. It’s mostly confused with contemporary art, but modern wall art is characterized by the artist’s intent to portray a subject as it exists in the real world. It’s done according to the artist’s unique perspective. It has the spirit of experimentation.

#5 Contemporary

Modern art refers to a specific time period. And when we say ‘contemporary,’ it refers to ‘now.’ So in a nutshell, contemporary is a style that forever changes. It’s a style of the present; also known as ‘the making of new art.’ Think of it as artwork created in your lifetime.

#6 Fantasy

Fantasy art long has its origins in folk art. And you’re definitely lying if you’re going to say adults can’t be fans of popular wall art styles like fantasy art.

Featuring magical creatures, and fantastical wilderness, fantasy art is whimsy and work wonders in a room with that very same atmosphere. Maybe your bedroom. Or a child’s bedroom.

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