Summer Sales Has Begun! And Check out Our New Seascape Additions!

Show Case of Top 10 Best Selling Canvas Set

Great News! The summer sale is back and this month we will be rotating promoted collections bi-weekly. Make sure you bookmark our site and don’t miss out the saving you can get during this summer!

What do you think of Summer? Sunshine, beach, bikini, outdoor, kids holiday… And the point is that not every of us lives by the beach or able to easily get to anywhere near water. For the majority of us, we may even have to catch a plane to Maldive or Asia. And therefore in this coming two weeks, we are offering up a whopping total of 60% discount of the seascape collections.

Like we mentioned in our previous posts, seascape wall art is always popular because it almost fits into any room! Office, hotel, bedroom, living room, windowless room. It is definitely soothing to our mood just by having a blue beach wall art right next to where the work desk is. A palm tree wall art canvas would be another great addition to any room, especially for those who are going to host summer parties at home, this would be a great fit!

Don’t miss our of our great promotion during this summer! Stay tuned.

Beach Canvas Decorations

  • Blue Sea Waves and Beach

5 panel beach canvas wall art by

  • Ocean and Blue

5 panel sandy beach canvas wall art by

  • Beach and Palm Tree

5 panel sandy beach and palm tree canvas wall art by

Sunset Panel Wall Art

  • Sunset and Waves

5 panel sunset at beach canvas wall art by

  • Soothing Seaview

  • Sunset Seascape (Teal)

5 panel lake seascape canvas wall art by

Calm Sea Canvas Panels

  • 3 Panel Seascape – Triptych Hut on Sea

5 panel calm sea canvas wall art by

  • Sunset Beach

5 panel calm seascape at sunset canvas wall art by

Boat Canvas Wall Art


  • A Boat under the Golden Orange Sky

5 panel boat at sunset canvas wall art by

  • Line of Boats

5 panel boat canvas wall art by

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