Fun in the Sun Has Begun: Our 5 Fresh Summer Wall Art Picks

“Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Remember when we listed down our top 5 wall art picks to inspire you for the summer a month ago? Well, we’re about to follow up that list with another 5 wall art picks that just straight up scream, “It’s Summer!”

Because as we all know, the summer season is in full swing. The heat of the sun is beating down on anybody and everybody lounging on the sand. You can practically taste the brine and the saltiness of the ocean waters lapping at your feet.

And because you’re going out on a summer adventure, your house needs to reflect your mood too.

Let’s skip the endless scouring through multiple pieces of summer-themed wall art. We’ve got 5 recommendations you should totally check out.

Our Fresh Summer Wall Art Picks

Even if you’re new to the store or are already returning, we welcome you!

Panel Wall Art has a huge assortment of canvas wall art. And we understand the trouble of having too many choices — especially if you don’t quite know what you want yet.

And that’s why we’re here to help you choose with a couple of summer wall art picks that you could take inspiration from, or just pick because it’s gorgeous. And again, narrowing them down to 5 picks was pretty tough. But here they are, nonetheless…

#5 Sunset at Venice

Sunset at Venice

An evening in the Floating City has never looked so brilliant and infinitely gorgeous. And if I had to pick anywhere I had to be for the summer, Venice would be a great place. And if you’re not headed there for a vacation, you can always have pictures of the Venetian sunset hanging on your walls.

You can find more wall art similar to this right here.

#4 Starfish Dancing on the Beach

Starfish dancing on the Beach

We’re moving on to depictions of the beach! Because nothing like beach wall art describes summer so perfectly. And what better way to kick off that start to the recommendations list, than with cute starfish partying on the shore?

Stuff like starfish and other sea creatures are available as wall art themes right here.

#3 Seaside Island and Blue Sky

Seaside Island and Blue Sky

Yep, it doesn’t get better than wall art with a mini island dropped smack in the middle of the blue waters. Just looking at it gives off the vibe that you’re touring the ocean waters on a small boat, taking in all the wide open space and the small island floating in the middle, along with others. It’s actually such a refreshing sight.

And if you want more wall art similar to this one, you can find loads of them here.

#2 Seascape and Shells

Seascape and Shells

Collecting shells by the beach is a great pass time. And wall art number 2 is a perfect depiction of that activity. Who doesn’t cherish the memory of running around the shore just picking up shells to admire and collect?

The nostalgia is real here, and it brings me back to the days of endless fun underneath the summer sun.

There’s more beach-themed wall art where this came from, and it’s right here.

#1 Beach and Blue Sky

Beach and Blue Sky

And nothing quite represents summer better than a perfect depiction through a clear view of the big blue sea, the white sand, and the looming coconut tree. The image itself makes you think and want to lie on the beach all day long — just soaking up the sun and its enriching rays.

Have you ever seen a sight that represents summer so accurately?

You can find other breathtaking wall art pieces similar to this here.

Time to Have Fun Under the Sun

The summer is here!

This is no time to dawdle in vacation plans and updating home decor. Choose your wall art carefully, and deck the home with summer wall art that fits the hot season perfectly.

And perfect timing too…

Because Panel Wall Art is holding a grand summer sale! Get $50 off wall art purchases. Let’s get shopping!

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