The Downsides to Buying Cheap & Unframed Canvas Art

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Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Unframed Canvas Art

It is always a better to invest on a high-quality canvas art because its beauty will not perish with the passage of time. To capture fine details, keep the canvas water resistant and acid free, and keep it from tarnishing over time, you need to invest on high grade canvas art. Buying cheap and unframed canvas may serve the purpose for a while but within a short period, you will notice the changes.

The quality is below the mark and can alter the originality of the picture

Cheap canvas prints may be a budget-friendly option but it is not a good choice if you plan on preserving your canvas and its quality for a long time. Cheap canvases are generally not coated with lacquer, so your artwork can get easily scuffed off. It is also prone to scratches and damages. Click here to learn about canvas caring instructions.

The print may be of low-grade causing blurriness

Comparasion of image pixels being enlarged professionally and unprofessionally | Panelwallart.comPurchasing canvas art at a cheap price does not necessarily suggest that you will benefit from it. There are drawbacks to buying cheap canvas art prints. The quality may be degraded, the image pixels could be stretched and have blurry and hazy effects. You may lose the originality of the picture. Always, always, always, buy canvas prints from the shops where you can physically work with a designer. Professional designers are able to enlarge your image with the appropriate software without losing any resolution.

Material that is very thin is not durable

Thin material used for canvas art works as a major disadvantage. Firstly, thin material is easily prone to damages, scratches and scuffs. Secondly, material that is not sufficiently thick is not likely to last for a long time. And lastly, the higher the grade is of the canvas material, the better is the quality of the finished product.

Plain border wrap does not guarantee longevity

Unframed canvas art may be portable but it does not guarantee longevity. It is a disadvantage to buy canvas art that is not bound within a frame. Frames enhance the beauty of a picture. A classy frame brings the viewers’ attention to the picture before anything else. Temperature and humidity conditions may affect the quality the canvas. A sturdy frame keeps a canvas protected from air pollutants, insects and humidity.

Unprofessional border wrapsUnprofessional border wraps

A Waste of Money in the Long Run

Unless you have the required skills, resources and materials for framing a canvas in the top-notch quality, you must let the professionals handle it. Buying cheap canvas artwork remains in an ideal condition only temporarily. You may be under the impression that you are saving up on money but the truth is contrary to the idea. Ultimately, you end up purchasing a low quality, unframed canvas art which is not worth buying.

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