The Ultimate NBA Quiz for Die Hard NBA Fans

Ah, NBA seasons — perhaps one of the greatest cult obsessions of the 21st century, right up the alley with Star Wars, wouldn’t you say? There’s an estimated number of 400 million basketball fans populating the planet. And that’s why you’re here to take this NBA quiz

So, whenever an NBA season comes around, don’t count on not hearing about it. You’re sure to — in one way or another, that is. And let me just say that the 73rd season was a whopper, wasn’t it? Well, that depends on which team you’re rooting for.

But you’re not here to listen to us rant about our love for NBA or the team we support. (Although, we would tell you if you asked or are willing to have lengthy discussions about the Warriors).

You’re here because you saw the title of this latest article, and you’re looking to match wits with a computer about your knowledge of the NBA through an NBA quiz — duh.

Well, we’re not here to discourage you, mate. By all means…



Fair warning, we’ve titled this the NBA quiz for die hard fans for a reason.

It’s time to test your knowledge!

Are you the biggest NBA fan there is?

Well, we’ll find out today, won’t we?

Only the real die-hard fans can get perfect scores in this NBA quiz, and only the real winners will click away from this page with a giant grin on their face.



The NBA Quiz for Die Hard NBA Fans

Created by Jessie Hunter on May 16, 2019

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