Valentine’s Wall Art: 6 Unique Designs to Give on Love Day

With Valentine’s Day just a full six days away, now is the perfect time to check out online stores and physical ones in search of the perfect gift for your loved ones. Well, we’ve got a predictable suggestion for you: What about Valentine’s wall art?

Love day-themed decor is famous for roses, classically romantic scenery, gorgeous twilights, nighttime cityscapes, bottles of champagne, chocolate, and all that jazz. (I’ve probably named more than my fair share of a ‘few.’)

But this time around, we picked out some designs that you could consider ‘unique’ for an event like Valentine’s Day.

6 Unique Valentine’s Wall Art Designs for a Change

No one beats the classics! That’s much for sure.

But what’s the harm in trying out a couple of unique Valentine’s wall art once in a while? Check out these 6 designs we picked out and see if you fancy any one of them to decorate that large blank wall space in your room.

#1 Beautiful Red Woods

Straight from our abstract wall art collection, this beautiful red woods wall art design can easily be deemed a picture-perfect Valentine’s wall art picture. 

With red blossoms fluttering from every corner of the 5-panel wall art, this design depicts a scene that’s Fall-themed; but at the same time, so perfect for Valentine’s day and the colors associated with such a grand holiday.

#2 Juicy Lips

Is this considered something sensual?

Straight from our modern canvas art collection is this gorgeous contemporary piece of ‘juicy’ in the literal sense, and some red glossy lips. Put it up in a largely black-and-white studio on Valentine’s day, coupled with some other accents, and you have yourself a winning art centerpiece.

#3 The Louvre

In our cityscape wall art collection, you can find lots of scenic cityscapes that will appeal to varying aesthetic senses. But for Valentine’s wall art, we think nothing’s more representative than the Louvre. 

We would have picked the ever-popular Eiffel Tower, but considering the title of this article, it’s easy to categorize the former as something that can be linked to Valentine’s Day quite easily. So now we pick the second scenic favorite: The Louvre.

This iconic structure is something I personally dream of going to one of these days. But until then, I’m settling for a simple wall art depiction.

#4 Hot Air Balloon and Flowers

A field of flowers with a hot air balloon floating somewhere in the sky. It’s a romantic picture to imagine yourself and your significant other in. Just one of the many Panel Wall Art has in their landscape decor collection.

Hang it in a home office, or your living room for a glorious and scenic view. 

#5 Purple Sunset Over Ocean Skyline

We are gradually moving on to the classically romantic scenery. We take this gorgeous purple sunset straight from our sunset canvas art collection. Imagine sitting at the shore with your significant other and gazing at the silhouette of the mountains in the background. Wouldn’t that be perfect for Valentine’s?

And on that note, you now have my wacky reasoning on why I think this particular piece is gorgeous for this list of Valentine’s wall art.

#6 Pink Lavender Flowers and Tree

Finally, last but not the least, here’s another cute wall art of scenery that runs parallel to the number 1 Valentine’s wall art on this list. This one’s in our nature canvas wall art collection. But instead of the color red, it’s pink and purple shades.

Just perfect for an utterly feminine bedroom.

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